It's time to throw out the rule books.


The ones that dictates how you should act and what you should strive for.


You’ve read them all cover to cover.


These are the rules and guidelines that you've been told keep you safe.


But they don’t keep you safe… they keep you small.


They put you in a box with people who value sameness.


You have felt the disconnect and now you are choosing to answer the call of your Divinely created soul.



You are embracing that you will no longer conform.


You were not put here on this Earth to march to the sound of that monotonous drum.


You are here to dance bare-breasted in the light of the full moon waving a sage stick over your head.


You are here to howl the songs of light and truth into the ethers.


You are here as a beacon of hope that humanity can and will rise into this Age of the Light. You are here because you want to be a part of the cosmic shift that catapaults the world into Higher Consciousness. 


So stomp your feet, Goddess, to the sound of Gaia’s pulse.


Throw up your arms and catch the spirits of our ancestors as they dance on the winds.



Welcome LightSister. I am so humbled to have you here and to witness your spiritual journey.  

I'm Kerin, The Wild-Hearted Mystic. 

I'm here so you do not have to awaken alone. I'm going to support you in unearthing and amplifying your spiritual gifts. You can read more about me and the work I do here.  

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