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Did you know I run a circle for light-minded women?

The Wild-Hearted Collective is a sacred space for

Awakened Women who want to heal, connect and serve.


Sounds a little like you, right?

I would love to have you check out our sisterhood and get to support you on your journey. 

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Get a 30 Day Trial in the Collective for just $44* using the button below. (This offer is only available to you right now on this page!)

*Available to new members only. Offer for 30 days access to Wild-Hearted Collective. Traditionally $144/ 3 months. 


Is it for you?

Let's not waste your time. What can the membership offer you?

  • Judgement free space to build sacred connections

  • Support during your journey's darkest moments

  • Calls to action that take your spirituality to the next level

  • Guidance on stepping into your mission and service

  • Workshops that guide you in the "how to" of Spirit

  • Opportunities to explore your self and Source 

  • Tools and tips that align you to the life you want

  • Light-minded sisters to explore your spiritual gifts with

  • Freedom to test out your gifts, services and offerings