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I've been where you are. 

That feeling of being down a well, with nothing you can use to climb out.

BUT I've also been there when someone or something, lowers the sacred ladder. 


At one point, my faith was the size of the proverbial mustard seed. 

My hope a frayed thread holding my life together. I had a strong belief in the divine working for others, but couldn't understand why she wouldn't help ME. 

I heard her whispers of "Patience, MoonChild" but my fears screamed so much louder. 


All it took was one moment of divine movement in my life to turn it all around. A single act that revealed I can move mountains with my faith, walk cloaked in hope, and get all my heart's desires if I have patience.


Before that moment, I relied on the magic of Tarot, astrological charts, meditation, myths of the world's great Goddesses and a tribe of soul sisters to help keep my spiritual heart drumming. Without these sacred practices and support, I would not have been able to step forward as the Faith Warrior I am today.


When in that well, I knew I would rise. In my darkest moment, I made a pact with myself that when I unlocked my divine power, I would guide women like me through the process of awakening. 


I empower and guide women just like you in deepening spiritual practices such as meditation, astrology, tarot and goddess mythology. I stand behind you while you unlock your intuition and reveal the power of your sacred feminine. 


I offer the unique experience of learning sacred practices for yourself. While I can do a reading for you, I  also teach you to read intuitive Tarot. You can sit and hear me read your astrological chart, or you soul sister, can be the DIY girl. You can swim deep in the process and unlock your starpower on your own, explore the Goddess and find the fierce female that supports your highest expression of self. 

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