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Wild-Hearted Collective

A Sacred Space for the Emerging and Evolving Lightworker

You recognize that you are walking this Earth for a reason.


You crave the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and humanity as well. 

What makes you stand out, is that you know you can't do it alone.


You crave the opportunity to connect.

You want to experience that deep connection to your own soul. That kind of relationship where you know how she sounds and what she is guiding you to do.


You yearn to amplify your spiritual gifts and share them with others. 

You want to witness the journey of fellow Lightworkers and align with your Higher Power.


What makes you so special is that you want to be a part of building others up and walking the path alongside them. 


Wild-Hearted Collective


In the Collective, you will experience a higher level of CONNECTION in your life leading to more CONFIDENCE in your spiritual gifts and mission.

Through content released on the 1st of each month, you will be exposed to transformational and fun modalities that support you in learning who you are on a soul-level and build confidence in your spiritual gifts.


This is the ideal community for you if you want to explore the whispers of your soul, share space with fellow Lightworkers, and explore your relationship with Source. 



What is released each month?

  • Timeless Pick-A-Card Reading

  • Soul Journey or Meditation

  • Workbook

  • Guest Expert Tutorials

What else is included:

  • Private Facebook Group​​​​

  • Membership Marketplace

  • Weekly Collective Energy Forecast



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