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Are you ready to be initiated?

Journey into the 13 Moon Oracle and deepen into the faces of the Goddess that are most alive within you right now. In a Moon Mat Reading, you will be fully witnessed at the sacred gateway you now stand before and supported in stepping through to consciously design the life you desire.

Moon Mat Reading: Welcome


During this sacred self-love initiation your Higher Self is called in so that you may connect with your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance. As a gifted Intuitive and Creatrix, I hold space and guide you through the work.

Moon Mat Reading: Text


The Moon Mat Reading is a $144 Investment

You will walk away knowing the light qualities that are shining through you at this time and the shadow aspects rising for acceptance and integration. You’ll feel inspired to take action and empowered in your next steps after sipping on the potent medicine this reading offers.

Moon Mat Reading: Text


The Moon Mat Reading is for you if you...

  • Want to deepen into self-love

  • Long to know yourself intimately

  • Enjoy the process of inner work

  • Desire to connect with your intuition in a new way

  • Yearn to experience a life created in collaboration with the Divine

Moon Mat Reading: Text


Not Your Basic Card Reading

Unlike traditional readings that use cards, the Moon Mat is a board sectioned into 12 spaces; each representing a face of the Goddess. The 13th face, the Alchemical Goddess, holds the center circle. 

After calling your Higher Self present, I toss 3 coins onto the Moon Mat. The coins land on the archetypes most alive in you at the time of the reading. We intuitively explore your Light aspects, Shadow aspects, and the initiatory gateway you stand at. 

Through this work you'll understand how to flow through your initiation with grace, ease, fun, and a touch of magick.

Moon Mat Reading: About

Real clients share their experience


“I had a moon mat reading with Kerin and it feels like I just spent tea time with a wise and loving ally or ancestor of mine. Her guidance was so rich, precise, and generous. I genuinely recommend treating yourself to her aligned guidance and soul nourishing reading. Her devoted service is such a  gift.” Lucie B.

Moon Mat Reading: Text


In Autumn 2021, I heard the unmistakable call of the 13-Moon Priestess Lineage. I entered an intensive Mystery School and began the journey of knowing myself through the 13-Moon archetypes. 

Who I was at the beginning of the journey is not who I am now. My spirituality was once a library of knowledge accumulated through reading and course taking. 

Through the 13-Moon and tools like the Moon Mat, I've embodied my spirituality. I've accessed new depths of Feminine wisdom, fine-tuned my intuitive gifts, and learned how to live my spirituality through initiation awareness and archetypal presence.

It is my delight to share this magic with you now.

Moon Mat Reading: About
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