2021: The Vibration of 5

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Hello I am Kerin Monaco, owner and creator of the Lightworkers Co-Op, a sacred space for healers and mystics to gather for support and collaboration.

Today I am sharing with you the energy and numerology of 2021 using Tarot.

Most grounded mystics know that when we cross over into 2021, we aren’t looking at too big of a change. It’s just the flipping of a page on the calendar.

This upcoming year is going to be a continuation of 2020. Notice I said continuation… not a repeat. There is a difference. We can not go from The Matrix into 5-D overnight. It does not work that way. We are experiencing a shift that is building momentum and each soul will progress as it is meant too.

Loving reminder, to not hold your journey up to another. That would be like comparing rubies and emeralds.

I know we are all eager to kick the door shut on 2020, but we would seriously miss out by not spending a moment to honor all that was.

Last year, was a (4) year which means it held the energy of The Emperor. We were guided to lay a solid foundation that could withstand the tests of time. Twenty-twenty highlighted all of our blind spots and the Cosmic bulldozer crushed any shaky structures we were working with.

After ages of working in the wounded masculine, we were ready to work from the healed aspect. This was a big shift that many lightworkers who had been functioning predominantly in their Feminine had to venture through.

I know so many souls who recognized the gift in 2020.

They saw how out of alignment they were with their true path and they utilized all their resources to elevate their masculine in support of their feminine… and vice versa.

Soul-centered businesses were started and expanded. Lightworkers came out of the closet and let their magick be seen. Finances were given a necessary inspection and then put into order. Many had the tough but much needed conversations with their loved ones. Homes and therefore minds were decluttered. Low vibrational diets were addressed and healthy ways of nourishing the body were launched. Chapters were closed and new beginnings welcomed.

In 2020, Lightworkers did what they needed to do in order to step forward to the front lines. We recognized that New Earth is available in the here and now. We decided that we would no longer wait for something that is our birthright.

As we move forward into 2021, we are shifting into the lovely energy of (5) which is typically known as The Hierophant but in my favorite Tarot deck, Unity. This is just another phase of the mass awakening essential for Christ Consciousness to become a lived experience rather than an esoteric concept.

Many will be experiencing an integration of their energies (yin/yang, masculine/feminine, light/shadow, ego/soul… you get it). This will be expressed by a profound and extended sense of alignment. The abundance that flows in will be a telling sign. There will be times of instant manifestation, particularly in February when we have several planets hanging in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Anticipate solutions to problems that have burdened you for far too long. Just be willing to stay quiet long enough to receive them when Mercury goes Retrograde at the end of January.

Those who are feeling this alignment will see how they have achieved this through the delicate balance of being and doing. The work for these souls is to firm up this balance within themselves which will not be without its challenges. General guidance is to stay present with what come up. It is offering you a look at all that’s preventing you from fully anchoring into this vibration.

What will transpire for others is a significant illumination of where they are still misaligned to their journey. If this is you, this is being facilitated on your behalf. You are ready to step into your destiny. You are ready to really hold a new, higher vibration. You just need a little nudge in the direction. If this resonates, you may want to visit my webinar, Initiation by Fire. That will get you started on working your way through this with a little more ease.

Whether you are already in the middle of this or just starting, the presence of the wounds will be felt so strongly that there is no running, avoiding, or neglecting the inner work. You will be asked to sit with the Shadow and nurture it with your light. There are some that have been sitting here for some time seeking “closure”. This is something you are being asked to give yourself. You have unpacked in the Underworld waiting for someone to save you with answers.

This is a return back to the fact that you are the one you have been waiting for. You are being shown how to embody Christ Consciousness by working your way out of the position you are in. The trick for you is to catch yourself before you start the toxic loop and choose a higher thought, behavior or action. It is hard and you are resisting but it’s what is needed for you to complete the cycle once and for all. You’ll be here for as long as it takes you to learn to create the shift for yourself.

Everyone is being asked to take ownership of their spiritual path but The Unity card is also about spiritual leaders and mentors. Support is available but you want to be selective about those you work with. There are more healers, mystics, lightworkers, mentors, guides, and teachers than ever before. Find the ones who truly resonate and can bring you through the transformation you seek in a way that feels good for you.

Ensure that they have ventured through where you now find yourself. If you are a Lightworker seeking to expand your business, do your due diligence and get help from a coach who has experience in your industry with running a successful healing business of their own. If you want to learn a new modality, learn from someone who has been working with it for more than a hot minute. Courses, certifications, and trainings are a dime dozen right now and some of them have been thrown together. Pay attention. If you have healing to do, consider what would serve you most.

My main guidance here would be to follow them and take advantage of a lower end offering before you invest a substantial amount of your resources.

Let’s go ahead and shift into something fun to support your personal 2021 transformation.

I love to share my card tricks and tips with you so go ahead and grab your favorite card deck. Once you have your favorite deck, go ahead and shuffle it five times.

From the top, count in 5 cards. Whatever the 5th card is, holds a message for your light in 2021.

NOW, from the bottom, count in 5 cards. Whatever the 5th card from the bottom is, holds a message for your Shadow in 2021.

I would love to see the cards that you got! If you feel moved, go ahead and head over to the Lightworker’s Co-Op over on Facebook and post a picture of your 2021 cards. I’m going to drop a link in the video description below.

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Until next time. I love you.


Thank you so much for being here. I'm Kerin Monaco and I mentor Lightworkers, Mystics, and Starseeds who are supporting Earth's Ascension. I provide updates on Collective energy and assistance on expanding your capacity to serve using your spiritual gifts daily on my Facebook page.

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Thanks for being here and serving the light.

Holy Love,


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