3 Low Vibe Social Media Behaviors You Can Shift Today

Spiritual Awakenings can be tough on a woman socially.

Opening your eyes to a higher perspective can sometimes come with lifelong support systems falling away and periods of isolation. Fortunately, social media can truly serve to mitigate those feelings.

You can interact in Facebook groups with individuals on similar paths. You can create boards of inspiration on Pinterest and follow leaders for instant hits of guidance.

The low side of social media is that you can also be exposed to toxic energies and may even engage in behaviors that create unhealthy vibrations for yourself as well as those you are interacting with.

Over the past month, the dynamics on social media have been the ugliest I’ve seen in about a year. It’s been some truly low vibe antics and I ended up taking a good hard look at what Source was asking me to see.

Through a careful and eye opening audit of my own social media, here are three simple things you can do to shift into a higher vibe.

1. Sharing as a Distraction to the Inner Work.

Not everything can be sunshine, roses, and glitter. Vulnerability is strength and when you are having a tough day, word-vomiting in a group or on your page, can be the lifeline to get you through. The outpouring of wishes and advice can be vital to shifting the feeling and mood from your system.

BUT I’m in a lot of spirituality groups where people show up every day and spill their current saga for the sake of just complaining and seeking others to commiserate with.

Typically these people are dropping these posts having not done any introspection. Many aren’t looking for advice or to grow through the problem.

How do I know? Because I’m watching them show up every day and sometimes multiple times a day bringing everyone along on the roller coaster of life.

So how do we shift this?

If you feel like you may fall into this category, take a deep breath. Once you know better, you do better. There is no judgement here. This is a part of the transformation process.

Take a look at what you are asking repeatedly or complaining about and do the inner work instead.

Ask yourself when reaching out on social media, what do I want to achieve by sharing this? You will immediately know if you are looking for solutions, to be heard, or perpetuating low vibes.

2. Confusing Personal Truth with Divine Wisdom

Despite the fact that I am a powerful channel and deeply connected to the WildHearted Council, I don’t assume that everything that comes through is Divine Wisdom. A lot of what is shown is my Divine Truth.

Truth is personal and fluid. It ebbs and flows in a way that serves your highest good at all times. Your truth however; may not serve others. This works both ways.

I embrace your truth as it serves you. This is what makes me a powerful reader for the WildHearted Feminine. I will not impose my truth on you but rather hold the space for our truths to co-exist.

I’ve seen many confuse their personal (and subjective) truth with wisdom. They are unable to celebrate someone else’s truth. They are unable to even acknowledge it at times.

I’ve experienced this in face to face contact but it gets so much more heated in social media when the confrontation happens with the protection of a screen.

How can we shift this?

This tends to get really ugly, when it triggers you… so if you feel your heart start to pump a little faster and your fingers get twitchy, keep scrolling.

If you can handle a conversation (please note… I said conversation, not argument); my favorite response is “I respect your truth. I believe...”.

I always sit with my response and ask myself if it is respectful and conveys that I am open to discussion. I accept that I will not shift someone’s perspective to align with mine; and why would I want to, but I do love getting to know people on this level.

Growth sits in this behavior. When you grow your vibration has no choice but to expand.

3. Being a Chronic Free-ple

A lot of you have been following me and know I recently shifted from offering a lot of my gifts for free to charging for them. That transition happened because I was spending a lot of time supporting people who did not appear to respect the fact that this is my business and how I support my family. (I take credit for the fact that I fed into it for far too long.)

Around the same time, I was witnessing a lot of Lightworkers feel the same way so I knew it wasn’t just me and that this was a social media behavior that needed to be addressed. We have a name for people who take consistently and offer nothing in return; FREE-PLE.

Right now, it may feel good that you are heading over to Instagram to constantly see what your favorite readers are getting for you today… but that favorite reader is going to eventually get tired of serving you. Having been said reader… it doesn’t feel good to want to throw in the towel on something you are passionate about and called to do.

How do we shift this into a high vibe exchange?

If you resonate with someone’s work so much that you show up daily and/or weekly to their social media accounts, it may be time to take your relationship with them another step further by balancing out the energy.

Think about it this way, if a single card is resonating and moving you along… what could a 60 minute session do for your journey?

I know that for some this is going to have brought up “some stuff” for you.

I help women navigate their spiritual awakening and to do that sometimes I need to highlight some “un-spiritual” behaviors we engage in. (Full Disclosure: We ALL have engaged in them at some point, myself included... I promise to never point the finger without accessing my own tendencies first.)

If you are ready to experience greater shifts in your vibration, heighten your spiritual awareness, and remember who you are on a soul level, consider booking a Soul Support Session with me here.

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