Week of 9.19.21: She Nurtures Her Power

The Feminine Forecast is a weekly resource that helps Lightworkers & Healers align with collective energy so they can serve with MORE LOVE and less struggle.

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The Feminine Healer is being called to nurture her power.

Stories and beliefs of disempowerment will be coming to the forefront over the next few days. Whatever you are waiting on in order to move forward requires you to be in your power. Stop worrying about what you can't change. Take action on what you can.

Watch and listen for narratives that indicate a woman needs to be saved in order to make it in the world. These are stories like Cinderella which depict a woman as needing a fairy godmother and prince to save her from her horrible life.

We will be collectively working to elevate the Feminine Frequency by retelling the story of what a woman is capable of. In your story, you have the authority to save yourself.

Self-Reflect: What or who are you waiting on and how can you move forward on your own?

Once you become conscious of how you can move forward, Spirit is saying that rather than hesitate, follow your instinct and believe in your capacity to make things happen for yourself.

Some of the Feminine are waiting for a sign that you are here to do something specific. That confirmation will not be coming from outside of you. Take the action and the experience itself will confirm it for you.

This will allow you to gain momentum on your spiritual path and within your mission specifically. You’ll realize just how much you have been standing in your own way and begin to make regular choices to move forward by trusting in yourself.

To maintain your energy and vibration this week, carve out time to breathe deeply and be mindful of what you are listening to. You may need to consider the nature of the television, music, and conversations you are having. Make sure you are filling it with light-aligned sounds and conversation.

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Hey Babe! I'm Kerin. I help Feminine Healers and Lightworkers serve with More LOVE and less struggle using Collective energy. I'm all about working with the Universe, not against it.

I could tell you all about my qualifications but I think you'd rather know I'm an Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, and Pisces Rising. Translation: Intuitive Rebel with a Feisty Heart.

When I'm not making ripples in the space-time continuum, I can be found sippin' chai tea lattes and searching for the perfect meme.

If you yearn to serve with ease and have fun doing it, you are exactly where you need to be.

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