Week of September 5: She lives her potential

This is the energy for the Feminine for the week of September 5-11. Please take only what resonates for you.

All forecasts are coded with an activation for the Feminine Energy within us all. While I use the pronoun "She" my work is not gender specific.

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She lives her potential.

The Feminine is working on living up to her potential this week with greater clarity and more aligned action as expressed in The Sun. We enter this week’s forecast during Dark of the Moon which can bring in big emotions that have festered under the surface for a very long time. It’s important to address what arises but not let it dictate your path.

A key remembering throughout the week is that “feelings aren’t facts.” As you work to navigate the waters of your triggers and wounding, you are guided to remember your light as well. Much of what you face earlier in the week is what stands between you and your higher vision manifesting.

She lives her dreams.

With the New Moon in Virgo on Monday, September 6th, you’ll be setting intentions surrounding spiritual mission, service and overall health and wellness.

The Ten of Cups is really asking for you to consider how your New Moon intentions play into your desires. The Queen of Swords assures that this clarity is essential to turning those intentions into manifestations.

There are some powerful truths rising into your awareness that will expose some of your core wounding. Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with your tendency to live and plan for others rather than yourself.

Deepening Inquiry: Are you asking for what you really want or what others want for you? What do YOU really want?

MEMBERS: Explore spiritual service and mission through meditation and card play in Service Upgrades.

She lives from her heart.

When the dust from the New Moon has settled, you’ll be taking this new clarity and focus on grounding it. The Page of Swords can be curious but he can also express an anxious energy. Take the clarity from early in the week and explore it rather than try to understand it. The Knight of Pentacles will help you get out of your head and centered in the heart. He is also showing up so that you remember to take slow, steady and focused actions towards what you want.

Deepening Inquiry: Drop into your heartspace. What is the next single step you are being guided to take this week?

Members: Stay accountable. Commit to your action step on Monday and you’ll be entered to win a free Sound Board Session.

She lives.

As the week comes to a close, you’ll be called to discern between what your emotions are saying and what your intuition is saying. The Queen of Cups knows how to let her emotions run through her body but not run her life. If you are feeling tired, drained and “over it”, that’s indicative of your emotions running the show. You'll look and feel like the Nine of Swords. If you are feeling calm and centered, that’s your intuition, my Love.

Deepening Practice: Get clarity by grabbing your favorite card deck. Ask for a card that represents your emotions and one that expresses what your intuition is saying.

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