A Counter-Intuitive Practice That Brings Clarity

I’m at this amazing point in life where clarity just seems to be a theme.

I’m channeling all my resources into really see the higher perspective in all areas of life. I also am all about creating momentum towards my soul-led aspirations and intentions.

At some point this year, I ended my lifelong habit of needing to know “all the things.”

When I was fully ready to let go of that tendency and heal my “readiness wound”, I shifted into a practice of action.

Not just basic actions though… GUIDED ACTION.

The type of action that came through from my guides and higher self; steps forward that led to me feeling good not just at the end of the path but in every single step I took.

Learning without doing… leads to absolutely nothing.

Sure… you end up with a lot of knowledge, but I find those on a constant quest for knowledge, rarely put it into practice. What I see is that it becomes esoteric jargon. They can start a conversation but they can’t keep it going. They haven’t done the inner work yet.

You can read 100 books about meditation, but at the end of the day are you meditating yet?

In order to get to this level of clarity, I mastered ONE THING… how to ask my guides the right question.

What I am about to share is counter-intuitive.

I use to get super specific with my guides. I bordered on the line of bossy.

I would tell my spiritual support team that I wanted to be offered my next step, the details behind what was happening in my life, and the opportunities before me.

What I learned is that there is a time and place for specificity when working with your Spiritual Support Team, however; being laser focused on receiving a certain answer, actually can limit your ability to receive what will truly offer you clarity, direction, and illuminate the path to authenticity.

Whether you are new or seasoned at doing work with your unique set of angels, guides, masters and teachers, consider offering them some freedom to deliver what it is that you need to know.

Once they deliver their guidance, you will naturally see all the pieces of the puzzle and be able to take this a step further into creating movement in your life.

If you want to test this out… here is the power practice I use to get powerful guidance every single morning from my spiritual support team.

  • Follow your personal practice in opening up to the whispers of your guides an access the wisdom of your Higher Self.

  • When you feel grounded and connected, open up your journal and write:

Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters, Thank you for being with me in truth and in love. I wonder what I may know about…(and then ask about the area of life you really feel called to address).

Be open to whatever flows through. I love to write it out so that after I can go through with a highlighter or different color pen and dig into the work that has been exposed.

If you want to learn more about connecting with your guides to get clarity and direction, consider enrolling in Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters.

This monthly membership gives you the support and tools you need to connect with your unique spiritual support team and claim your divinity.

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