April Full Moon in Libra

As Lady Luna shines her brightest in the loving sign of Libra, we are going to feel a magnetic pull to reflect on the meaningful relationships in our life. Libra is the air sign of harmony, friendliness and balance. It's the artist's sign. When the moon reaches her full zenith here, we are asked to let go of the relationships that aren't fulfilling our needs but ALSO to rally for the partnerships that we want to see work. We can use the power of the Full Moon to revitalize connections with our children, romantic partners, and colleagues. It is essential that we always keep in mind that before we "let go" of something that matters deeply, we have tried our hardest and stepped out of our comfort zone to protect it. This relationship focus is supported by the marriage between Chiron, the comet known as "the wounded healer", and Mercury and Venus. We must look at the patterns that continuously come up for us in relationships and start working through them. With Mercury and Chiron in Aries, action based ways of communicating will serve you the best right now. Cracking open your journal and listing out the relationships you've experienced the SAME struggle as the one you are currently questioning, will reveal the work you need to do. Sitting close by in Pisces, Venus encourages us to make this a loving expression of what we've held onto in fear rather than in love. In the long run, Chiron encourages us to find the wounds that we are here to heal and accept them as lessons we are here to teach. Every time the Moon is full we get to feel a little uncomfortable. We have the Aries Sun calling us to action and perhaps even making us a little short fused while the Libra Moon wants peace. We need to call in the Libra's rational way of looking at a situation and find a way to integrate it with the Aries call to action. This may be tricky this month as Sagittarius is still housing it's governing planet, Jupiter; beckoning us to expand and have faith. We will undoubtedly feel the urge to step forward with all the fire that brings. Ensure you are engaging in authentic action by pulling back slightly to reassess the larger impact of your actions. Hopefully the sky's fire will be tamed by the work being experienced in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn. Sitting directly across from the Moon is Uranus, the truth-teller. Can we sit with the discomfort of our emotions long enough to determine if they are even our own? It's possible that rather than using the earth of Taurus we will fall into Uranus' desire to rebel. The challenge is to rebel against our need to speak before we discern if it is our truth. With all that we have sitting in Aries, our impulsivity is sitting right on the surface. What a beautiful time to sit with our truth and soak it up rather than releasing it prematurely into the world. The final dynamic worth noting is the hostile interaction between Luna and Pluto. Sitting in Capricorn, now would be the time to steadily further our spiritual path like Pluto guides us to do. However with such a combative dynamic, we are falling into the lower expression of this which makes us resistant to the transformation. Surrender to the part of your journey that you are in. Easier said than done.

Ma'at: The Egyptian Goddess of Fairness, Truth, and Justice.

To support the work you need to do, call on this month's Goddess of the Moon, Ma'at. There are so many goddesses that support relationships but the one that truly embodies what a Libra Full Moon is about is Ma'at the Egyptian goddess of Fairness, Truth and Justice. What inspires me about Ma'at is that she asks us what is "fair" for everyone. How can we shift our relationships in a way that serves not just the one in question but the greater good? As a community of lightworkers, remember this; when we elevate the vibration in our partnerships we pave the way for others to do it as well. How can you take your current scenario and shift it to support your authenticity AND your tribe? It is believed that prior to gaining entry into heaven, one's soul was weighed against Ma'at's ostrich feather. It is this energy that made some Tarot decks use her as the protagonist depicted in the Justice card. If the scales of justice balance between Ma'at's feather and someone's heart then their soul would be able to carry on; however should they be out of balance, the soul would be condemned to the underworld. Watch for feathers this week, as it may be Ma'at communicating that justice, harmony, and resolution are on the horizon for you. She is a beautiful Goddess to call on for those working a twin flame, divine counterpart, or twin soul journey as she is the Goddess that led Isis to her Osiris. Her energy guides us to do the healing necessary but also celebrating that for everything we heal, our counterpart is able to heal as well.

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