April Zodiac Forecasts

What does April have in store for your zodiac sign? Read on to find out. I recommend reading for your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. If you are particularly curious about your love life, I would read for Venus.

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Beloved Aries,

You may feel like you are being blocked from what you really want in life but the Divine is working on your behalf to make things better than you imagine. You are being guided to focus on your happiness in April. Check in and make sure that what you are working towards is actually what you want and not just the ego taking a tantrum over what you are being "denied" at this time.

In regards to love, you are being asked to take time away for you. This can be something simple like an extra few minutes in the shower or something grand. Regardless, your current relationship status whatever it may be needs a bit of a time out. For those who are single, enjoy that status for now. It's going to be changing this summer and you'll be grateful you devoted this time to getting connected to yourself. Rather than focus on what others need, shift into figuring out what YOU need in order to thrive in this chapter of your life. I see that you are looking at someone or something waiting for it to change but the harder you look, the worse it gets.

In April, I see you taking back your power and pouring your energy into a hobby. You aren't giving up, you are being strategic and it will serve you well. As a result of the space you offer to your love life, you will see a positive shift towards the end of the month.

In regards to your mission, you are bogged down with energy. If you aren't moving a ton, that goes against your firey nature. Get up and find your groove. As you move the denser energy from your body, everything is going to seem brighter and you'll be blessed with some new creative ideas.

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Dear Taurus,

April is going to be a month where you consciously choose to let go of struggle. You have been slowly loosening your grip and next month you surrender it once and for all. There is so much that is coming your way and for many it's already arrived. You aren't seeing it clearly yet because your focus is still elsewhere. You are pulling the plug on that next month.

You can use the gifts and blessings you have recently received to shift your energy and get more of what you desire. You are going to manifest rapidly so stay centered in gratitude and what you are calling in. Cast out fear. It's time for faith.

In love, you are being asked to take a leap and do something ridiculous. This is something that feels so good. The Divine Mother is with you and nudging you to live your life to the fullest, with or without a person. Love seems to have clipped your wings in the past but I see you flying regardless.

In mission, you may be considering a shift of some kind and April is not the best month to do it. You want to give yourself just a bit more time before you make a decision that you can't go back on. For some, you are looking to make this change because you are getting over a disappointment that has left you a little bitter. You still might make this change in the future but don't be stubborn and make it right now. Overall, April is a month where it seems like you are taking a risk in some areas but asked to play it safe in others. If anyone can find this balance, it's you Taurus.

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Compassion is the theme for you this April. Where in life are you lacking compassion and where is it flooding out of you? Make sure that you offer the same grace you extend to others to yourself. Also, try not to be so hard on people. Sometimes your passion can blind you. Just call that into check.

Throughout the month, you will be welcoming in people that feel like home to you. These are people that seem to get you and share a similar mission. You will be able to have long conversations with them and really move forward in regards to the way you serve. If you have felt like an outsider, April is the month where you find the spaces and circles you truly belong in.

Your love life is being impacted by your inability to travel and see the world. For some you may be in long-distance relationships and isolation and travel bans are breaking them down. For others, you are finding an emotional distance between you and your partner.

Singles... well these times aren't great for dating. Regardless of status, you are being asked to meet your partner in whatever way you can. The distance that you feel is a construct. There are some strong 5-D connections in this reading so rely on that to support you through at this time.

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Time to come out of your shell, Cancer. The light is calling to you and illuminating your true self. You are no longer who you once were. Your growth is incredible and this new vibrant expression is ready to be shared with the world.

In April, you'll feel the push to step out and share your light with the world. Sometimes you question if you are ready and if the world is ready. The answer is a Holy Hell Yes!

Your love card is remarkable because you have really turned your focus within and have gotten clarity on the work you are here to do. You are putting love on the back burner with trust and faith that it is working out as it should be. You are in the middle of birthing your life's great work and that has also done wonders for your confidence. Stay focused and know that those you love are standing in support of you right now.

At times, they may get silent, but they are energetically holding space for you to stay in the center of your purpose. They are on the sidelines so they do not distract you. I pick up you are making one final push for this creation to be fully put out into the world. The end of this chapter is close. Don't stop just short of the pay off. You are being supported not just by your Earth family but by the Beings of Light and Unconditional Love. April is going to be a great month for you!

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You are being told it's time to really speak your truth and share your message. You are here to offer others a powerful transformation. For many you already are aware of what you are here to share while others are still on the quest to find their soul's mission. Consider the journey you have been on and what you have learned. Start sharing that knowledge and wisdom with those who need you.

In April, you are really being called to center stage. Don't dim to make others comfortable. If they can't handle your light then let them put on sunglasses. You were made to shine. Try not to let those who would rather see you stay small, get in your head. When you tune into your heart you will know what is right for you.

There are some lessons in love coming for you in April. Don't receive that in fear. You will be learning how to be a better partner and person. In the past, you have asked for what you are about to journey through. For many I feel this is the answer to your prayers. Your lover is your greatest teacher next month. Know that when all is said and done you will have cleared blocks to love and will be moving into a deeper commitment with your person over the next few months as a result.

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April is a month of trust for you Virgo. You are being invited to stay firm on your boundaries and integrity while things are happening on your behalf. There is more transpiring in your life than meets the eye. Things are being readied for you and your vision. This is specifically for your career and mission. This has been a long time coming and you might be feeling like it's time to start cutting corners.

Recent months may have left you feeling like you are short on time and patience. Let your moral compass lead in this. If it makes sense to let things be simple, keep it easy. If it may compromise the work in anyway, do not take the short cut. It's all coming together but just not on your timeline. This can be frustrating because Virgos love to plan. Let go of your plan and instead find the flow of this.

In love, there is a need for hope. You are being brought into a sacred relationship. This could be with a current partner or someone brand new. Despite this being for April, I feel like you might be in the early stages of this so the actual individual may not manifest next month. You will be connecting in the 5-D though.

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Next month extends you the opportunity to do some work surrounding the Mother Wound. You will be wanting to look at the relationship you had with the maternal figure in your life and consider how it shaped you into the person you currently are.

Forgiveness is likely something you will need to sit with. This is surrounding a situation where you find yourself justifying your behavior or making excuses. This pattern has run its course and your tendencies are being brought into your conscious awareness. You want to carve out some rest for this inner work. This is a deep healing and will take time. Your love life is being impacted by this and it also does indicate it has something to do with the way you look. You may not be feeling your most attractive and that is really impacting the amount of love you receive. You are being guided to see the beauty within right now. As you do this work, your inner light will radiate in the external world and attract so much into your life.

With mission/career, whatever decision you are weighing, it is suggested that you sit with it just a bit longer. There is no need to act impulsively. If YOU aren't clear on the way forward, the way will be made clear in the summer months. If you feel like you are taking one step forward, two steps back consistently, you are trying to force growth. Take it easy and give the right path time to unfold.

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April may feel like a slower month but you really are on the right path. You are living your Dharma. Rather than try to rush it, enjoy it. That sense of excitement is alignment! How does that feel?!?!

When you came to Earth, your soul made a plan and you are truly embodying it. Stay centered. Don't question but rather just take one step at a time. Small actions are leading to epic

impact. You are on the home stretch of a big cycle closing. This is leading to the end of feelings like doubt, shame, and guilt. I see you rolling through the month with trust and compassion for yourself and all you meet.

This is leading you all the way into your feminine power of receiving. You may be working less in April, but receiving more. It's never too soon to start living like your dreams have already come true. They are imminent. The more you accept that they are around the corner, the faster they will come.

General guidance for Scorpio in April is to consider your foundations. Where can you strengthen them? Not necessarily making major adjustments but small tweaks that will be able to hold the abundance you are on the cusp of receiving. For your love life, just know that the situation is turning around for you. You actually don't need to do anything but stay focused on yourself.

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Beautiful opportunities coming your way in April, Sagittarius.

Trust the voice that is coming from within you. If you have been relying on others for guidance and to lead the way, step back from that and really let yourself be driven forward by your soul. You are in constant communication with your spiritual support team and this connection will become clearer the more you ground your energy. Try to spend some time outside or even meditating with a plant in your hands.

Steps are being gifted to help through a big shift in mission/career. Pay attention to those you are spending time with next month. As a HSP, you receive a lot of energy that isn't yours. Some of the density you are attempting to clear needs to be sent back to its rightful owner. This is a beautiful message for you because it means that things are actually going much better than you realize. The more you sit with what is yours, the more you will realize this.

In regards to love, you are more focused on the collective awakening than 3-D romance right now. This is serving you and opening up options in your life. If you are in a relationship, let your person have their process. They will either awaken or not. You have things to do, places to see, and a message to share.

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Like a typical Capricorn you have been hard at work and staying focused. You have your goal in mind and are plugging away at the destination. To really see this come to fruition, you may want to consider taking a break or maybe even a vacation. You are due for a miracle but you are working so hard, you keep missing it.

Know that your hard work is paying off and that it would actually benefit from you stepping away to rest for a bit. Celebrate life and all that you have already accomplished. April is a great month for you to explore a new hobby, pick up a past passion project or just nap. This is going to really help your concentration and way forward.

In love, you are engaged in a bit of a dance with your person. It seems like you both are trying but at different times. This is starting to get frustrating for both of you but the good news is with your downtime and play, you are reconnecting and getting back to the relationship you once had. For many of you, the miracle is feeling the love between you and your partner flow freely after a pretty extended period of struggle.

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Miracles are making their way to you and the beautiful thing is that you just need to let go of fear. This is a fear of things not working out as you hoped but the Holy Spirit is a sign that they are about to work out even better than you can imagine.

Pay attention to your vibration and connect to the things that support you in elevating it in April.

You are loved and guided by those on Earth and in the Subtle Realms. Listen and surrender your limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns to them. Open up to receive your miracle. It's coming in fast. As you let go of the things that you know are past their expiration date, the world is opening up for you. It may seem dark and bleak right now but how you enter April is NOT how you are leaving. You will be surprised how fast things can change for you when you allow them too.

In love, whatever is happening, stay in the moment with it. You might be rehashing the past with your partner or living in fear of your romantic future. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than coming into the present and consciously choosing what you want to see manifest. It looks like in April, you let your heart crack wide open and shine. This is going to serve the world but also feel so good for you too.

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April will be asking a lot of you Pisces but it's nothing you haven't mastered in the past.

Really accept where you currently are in life even if it doesn't feel close to where you desire. The great news is that acceptance of the present is going to allow for things to open up for you. I am picking up that this is particularly relevant for your income. You are rejecting your current financial status.

Once you breathe into it, the energy around it will set things into motion that allow abundance in. You have a lot of skills you haven't put on your resume and you have a lot to offer an employer that you ignore. Share the things that come natural to you because most people are challenged in that area. This makes you the ideal candidate for the job you are seeking. Call back your power from career mistakes you have made in the past.

Let your past inform your future but not define it. You have everything you need to turn life around. Now you just need to believe in yourself. Your love life may also not be adding up to what you hoped currently. This is going to change over the next 6 weeks as you show more grace and compassion to yourself. You are going to be offered a gift of love in April. Will you use your free-will to accept it?

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Kerin Monaco is a Lightworker & Mystic that supports the awakened feminine in unearthing her spiritual gifts, stepping confidently into service, and healing her core wounds. She uses astrology, tarot/oracle cards, channeling, and traditional coaching to support her clients through their spiritual evolution. She lives in Tampa with her daughter and dog, Sebastian. When she isn’t working with Spirit, she can be found sippin’ chai tea lattes, reading mystical fiction, and going for long walks in nature.

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