Aquarius Full Moon

On August 15th, Lady Luna will enter her brightest state in the humanity-focused sign of Aquarius. She sits in opposition of not just the Sun but also Venus and Mars creating an ideal time to experience collective shifts and healing of our feminine and masculine core wounds through the use of "The Mirror."

Aquarius is all about uplifting humanity as a whole. It places an emphasis on doing work that helps shift collective energy rather than solely that of the individual.  Oddly enough, Aquarius is also the energy of the Hermit! With the Moon being the celestial body that governs our emotions, intuitions, triggers and healing, we are being set up for the opportunity to experience a massive healing this upcoming week particularly in the areas that involve our masculine and feminine wounds. (Thanks to that Venus/Mars conjunction with the Sun)

To the light-working women who have been actively addressing these areas of struggle, you will begin to feel relief as your energies weave harmoniously together.

Whether you are masculine or feminine dominant, you will stand on your own two feet and open your arms to accept the bounty the Universe has been waiting to offer. You will also notice that the "day to day" efforts you have been making to exist in this earthly realm start to pay off. You will experience the support of the Universe as it assists you in making it feel more fluid.  

The glory of this particular moon is that the Sun is sitting in Leo which shines bright and isn't afraid to share that light. Your healing and balance will be fortified by the healing of your soul pod. View it as delegation for the Mystic. We are all in this together. 

When you feel it, and you most definitely will, be sure to throw up a bit of gratitude to the Divine. They are supporting us big time this week!

If you have been resisting all that has come up in the past either through distraction, neglect, or running you may experience "The Mirror" more significantly at this time. 

This is a concept that the more you work with it; the easier it becomes to look your fears and wounds square in the eye and watch them back down. When feeling triggered this week whether it be by a situation or person, simply turn it back on yourself and ask "In what way do I reinforce this belief myself?" 

You may witness this phenomenon in relationships with significant others, friends, family, or co-workers. Perhaps you are triggered by a boss that rarely recognizes your gifts. Turn inward and ask when the last time you highlighted your strengths to yourself. If you feel like you are constantly in the zone of giving to a partner and begin to resent it. Let yourself explore in what ways you are NOT giving to yourself. If you feel like you are constantly put in situations where you feel you have no purpose, are you living in a way that feels void of a mission? 

The Mirror is not meant to put blame on you for your wounds or struggles. It merely acts as a way to look at what is limiting you and how to heal it. 

Regardless of where you are in your evolution, this Full Moon is a good time to sit with what is being reflected to you. We can use the Leo Sun's ability to boldly shine on the ego and the Aquarius Moon's capacity to highlight the inner work that will move the collective. We pair that with the energy of Masculine Mars and Feminine Venus and witness the magick of divine healing. 

How will you be honoring the Full Moon this week. Venture over to Stars In Her Eyes on Facebook to share your rituals and pick up some new ideas!

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