Ascension Upgrades

Ascension is the process of expanding your consciousness and experiencing Heaven on Earth. It is the receiving of the sun codes and activation of your light body.

The path is different for everyone as are symptoms. I am a huge advocate of not assigning every physical ache, pain and illness to ascension as I see done in most spiritual communities. It’s wise to monitor and get the appropriate medical care should something not seem right. My personal belief is better safe than sorry.

The ascension symptoms frequently talked about are quite similar to the common cold. Few people speak about what I call Ascension Upgrades. These upgrades are indicators that you are aligning with your highest path. This alignment expresses that you are not only receiving the light but anchoring it into your being.

Some common upgrades I have seen many experience are:

#1 You will experience rejection from those who are not yet ready to fully unplug from the Matrix. Those who you previously shared your spiritual journey with could potentially be choosing to not ascend further at this time and instead play out old programs. They will reject your unwillingness to participate in the 3-D theatrics. Please note this isn’t just someone taking an alternative path. These are individuals who are still connecting to fear, hate, and disempowered consciousness.

#2 The rejection you experience will hold very little impact.

Whereas in the past you may have conformed to appease others, you will move forward from this quickly. There will be a knowing that they are merely projecting their wounds onto you. You will also recognize that they are offering you a mirror into your Shadow. This is typically followed by you ascending even further from addressing the Shadow shown.

#3 Your remaining social circle will become “limited” in number but energetically potent.

Joining together with members of your soul family will allow for you to create meaningful changes. As a result of finding perfect fit souls to run your spiritual path with, you will be able to come together for a common cause and use your energy strategically. When gathering, you will notice the frequency is so high that manifestation becomes instant, technology gets glitchy, and you are able to telepathically communicate.

#4 There will be a continuous desire to clean, declutter, and clear your life.

We go through this at various points of the path but as you integrate the light the purging process is more fluid. You may start to feel the urge to disengage completely from social media, downsize your home, or cease acquiring “more” altogether. Whereas early in the ascension process, we might go on a rampage of cleansing and detoxing, an upgrade will typically be more natural and take less preparation.

#5 You will require less sleep to sustain your energy throughout the day.

While one of the primary signs of ascension is exhaustion, for the most part you will learn how to maintain your energy by not giving it away so freely. Those who have done a lot of work around boundaries will have developed an understanding of how to protect their energy and use it in a healthy way. Healers especially will be experiencing this as a result of knowing they are here to support those who approach not everyone they meet.

The spiritual experience is sacred and I bow deeply to your desire to learn more and serve.

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Thank you so much for being here. I'm Kerin Monaco and I mentor Lightworkers, Mystics, and Starseeds who are supporting Earth's Ascension. I provide updates on Collective energy and assistance on expanding your capacity to serve using your spiritual gifts daily on my Facebook page.

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