A Month With the Goddess of Magick and Mystery

Back in June when I started shaping August’s membership release, I had a pretty strong feeling Isis was ready to enter into our sacred circle. What I love so much about what will transpire in the membership next month is that you may already have a relationship with this powerful Goddess and will work with her in new ways. For others, you will be feeling the energy of her for the first time.

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My own relationship with Isis has grown substantially since the first time I pulled her card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle several years ago. At that time, I was so new to Goddess study, I thought she in some way must be connected to the militant group.

(Obviously, I learned the truth very quickly. Thank Goddess.)

As I’ve sat with her over the years, my sensitivity to her energy has created the most intense vibrations through my body. The work she has me do always supports the healing of my core wounds and encourages me to rise un-apologetically into my authentic self.

I think of Isis as the Goddess of Magick, Manifestation, and Mystery, She is also known as the Mother of Life and Crone of Death. If that doesn’t speak to the polarities she helps us navigate and the inner union she assists us in cultivating, I don’t know what does.

When she is present, she makes herself known in a way where there can be no doubt. She came forward when I needed her the most earlier this year and confirmed her presence by flying out of three different decks. Message received… Isis has arrived.

Many who feel a profound connection to her, have a history as a Daughter of Isis, and were trained as a priestess in her mystery schools. What many do not realize is that the teachings of Isis supported the resurrection of Christ. For more on that, check out Claire Heartsong’s Anna, Grandmother of Jesus.

You may be wondering if the Wild-Hearted Collective can help you create and nurture your relationship with this powerful Ascended Master and Goddess.

To give you an idea of what the monthly release will include, read on:

Isis Transmission Meditation

This month’s meditation is a journey in fully releasing the parts of your path that have prevented you from living fully in your divinity. Once you create that space, Isis and her Family of Light step in to heal, guide, resurrect and activate your soul in order to rise into a higher timeline and path.

Isis Activation Card Reading

Getting guidance in a meditation is wonderful, but there is something to be said about getting confirmation through another modality, like cards! This Pick A Card is designed to take the whispers received in the Transmission and get clear on the aligned actions you are called to take. This month’s piles are definitely for the Lightworker who no longer wants to play small and safe in serving her mission. You will be able to choose from 3 different piles and have the support of our circle in moving forward with them.

Guest Lightworker- Aegean Thompson

My beautiful friend and Manifestation coach, Aegean is shining her light in the membership this month with a workshop on how to call in dream clients in a “feel-good, flow way.” I have shared multiple times, that in December 2019, I considered shutting down my business and getting a “real job” because it felt like things were just not working. I met Aegean in January and after only 7 days of working with her, everything changed. I’m not only feeling safe in my business, I’m now at a point where I am considering expanding it in ways I never thought possible. Aegean’s methods WORK and I am so excited that she is going to be helping you call in more of the abundance that you desire in August.

11-11 Gratitude Challenge

Every month comes with a workbook and my guides tend to push me to share something “extra” in it to further your journey. With such a big emphasis on manifestation and magick, I was told it’s time to look at the importance of gratitude. I included my 11-11 Gratitude Challenge in August’s workbook to help catapult you into those good vibes needed to bring your heart's sacred prayer into being. Gratitude is the foundation of manifesting miracles in your life and with this self-guided challenge you are bound to experience a energetic shift in just a few days.

Weekly Energy and Jumpstarts

Every week, I go LIVE on Sunday morning in the exclusive FB group with a channeled message from the Ascended Masters. This is a time for you to gather with your light-minded sisters and get inspiration for the week ahead. The messages the Masters offer range from tough love to divine love but ALWAYS support you in feeling connected to your sacred self. In recent months, members have been given keys steps to understanding surrender as well as how to live their purpose. It’s such a high vibe time that many of the women have deemed their “church.”

I would love to have you join us but is it right for you?

Trust your intuition! Always.

If you feel excited and curious about what can happen for you next month by connecting with Isis and the members of the Wild-Hearted Collective, enroll here.

(I add you to our FB group and send you a free 2 card reading when you register.)

When you register for the August-October membership, you get all that’s noted above but also September’s release on Using Fairies to Heal Your Inner Child, and October’s content on Past Life Remembering.

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