Breaking the Feminine Free

I felt called this week to offer guidance to the Feminine Rising struggling in love and intimate partnerships.

The Feminine is currently at a point where love, romance, intimacy, and partnership do not come forward as "easy." Where some have slipped into a content companionship, others are consistently struggling to find, maintain, and feel good in relationships. There are some who have completely given up trying, which is also ok.

What once was so simple has become complicated and draining. Many of us are coming into contact with individuals that we are playing out soul contracts with. The cards point to this not being truly about love and romance. This is about changing culture and the current model of what a partnership really means.

For those this resonates with know this:

You are a lightworker coming forward to shift the energetics of the planet. What you experience in your life is purely reflecting what is being experienced in the global collective. The rising feminine is here not to prove that they can do everything that the masculine does, but rather that we serve a unique and divine purpose of our own. We are the mystics, the healers, and the energy workers. As the feminine you are here to shift the rhythm back to one that believes in honoring the cycle of all things.

One particular point you are here to address is that the feminine receives support. We are whole onto ourselves but simultaneously recognize it is not a sign of vulnerability to ask or invite help into our life. We are chanting the song of our sisters. This is a new age that requires a new mentality. It is not easy but we have been playing small. For those in the feminine collective, you are being called up.

These beliefs that we are addressing are not limited to this lifetime but have been with us in previous walks. If you have been asking for a sign that you are on the right path, your guides are cheering for you. You are absolutely walking the Goddess' path. Continue to explore your spiritual practices and honor your intuition. If you feel you have hit a plateau in your journey, it may be time to dig into another layer or another lifetime. You are not here to purely give of yourself. You must open up your arms to receive with just as much grace and compassion.

Note: This is NOT just receiving from the masculine.

The idea that to be a strong woman, we must "do it alone" has kept us so safe. It has prevented us from ruffling the feathers of our current society. We have come far in working our voice and owning our truth but there is still quite a distance to go. Some of what is holding us back is not technically "ours." It comes from ancestral patterns created well before we incarnated. For those who read that in frustration, remind yourself that this is the lineage you chose to be a part of and you would not have come if you were not divinely suited to break this chain.

In order to heal ourselves and the women who walked before us, we must come together. Sitting in circle has never been more important. Honoring your unique desires and calling's creates an epic shift that enables everyone to unapologetically claim what they want. What is right for me, may not be right for you. There is such beauty in that. As the web of empowered women grows, we no longer join based on labels. From that we build a society of unconditional love, compassion, and comradery.

When we break free from this cycle we are hearing our soul's song and learning to harmonize with it. We turn to the Goddess of Divine Wisdom, Sophia. She indicates that we are no longer working solely for this lifetime and those that live right now. This is for the future.

Sophia is guiding you to watch for life's synchronicities and know them to be acts of divine communication. Have faith in the unseen. In moments when fear kicks in, ground your feet and say "I am anchored in my faith." She will be with you as you answer the call, heal the wounds, and overcome the struggles you are currently having in relationships.

This reading was done with the Breaking Free Oracle Reading.

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