Capricorn Full Moon: Healing the Father Wound

This Thursday, June 24 Lady Luna will be shining bright in strong, steady Capricorn.

Typically during this Full Moon we want to explore our relationship to work, career, and our long term plan. You might feel called to reevaluate the projects you're working on and the systems you are using to accomplish your goals this week.

Little Side Note: Even though Mercury will be direct on June 22, hold off on making huge decisions and changes until we are out of the Shadow Period of this Retrograde. Definitely consider changes and explore options but give it about another 2 weeks before making any major shifts and signing on the dotted line.

Full Moons are always a powerful time to release the weight of whatever is preventing you from aligning to your highest path.

This particular Full Moon is illuminating the need to take a look at the "Father Wound". The unconscious nature of this wounding will be made conscious as Luna in her fullest expression calls it up from within.

Capricorn is the Father energy of the Zodiac and it's not uncommon during this lunar phase to be made aware of how experiences with the paternal figure in your life have shaped you and may still be haunting you.

This will look and feel different for everyone. No one's upbringing was exactly the same and even if it was, we would all experience it differently on the inner plane. This is why sometimes siblings remember their childhood differently.

Another layer to add in is that we do not only have the biological father figure to explore but perhaps others who stepped forward in that role throughout our life. You can add another layer to this healing work by considering your relationship with the masculine in the form of God, The Father.

Some inquiry to sit with are:

  • What was your relationship like with your paternal figure?

  • Explore your earliest memories of the Father archetype.

  • How do you view "God, The Father"?

  • In what ways are some of these patterns playing out in your life now?

This is powerful work BUT you don't have to do it alone. The Wild- Hearted Collective is the perfect support for your healing journey.

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