Card Spread For Lightworkers: I Saw the Sign

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The Universe is always speaking to us through signs and synchronicity. When these messages first start flooding in, the impulse is to reach out to someone for their insight before we hit pause and try to unpack it for ourselves.

Typically, this pushes us to trust others more than we trust ourselves… AND this journey is so frequently about listening to our own voice first. This is why I design all my meditations for Wild-Hearted Collective to help women just like you develop your inner knowing.

I have a few different ways I love to sit with the signs I receive from the Universe, but one of the easiest to get started with is this short and sweet card spread. You can use the image below and jump right in or read a little more about how I use it. Mystics Choice!

Card 1: The Sign

The first thing I like to do is to set up some kind of visual of the sign I am receiving. Recently I kept seeing the angel number 311. The traditional meanings of the number didn’t resonate so I used this spread to gain clarity. I grabbed my favorite purple post its and wrote down the number so I could stay centered. I highly encourage you NOT to skip this step. You can keep it simple or if you’re a creative you might enjoy investing more time in this step.

I also recommend jotting down what you feel the message may be. That way you start to develop your intuition and the following cards will help to build confidence in your intuition.

Card 2: Why am I seeing this sign now?

There are so many different reasons signs show themselves along our journey. The most common reason is to show us the direction we are facing. We may be shown something because we are in alignment with what we seek or we may be seeing it as a nudge to redirect our thoughts because we have gotten off track. Pulling a card to highlight "the why" of a sign gives you a way of knowing if you are flowing in the direction you desire as well as how to fine-tune your thoughts and actions.

Card 3: What is this sign asking for me to do?

Not all signs actually require anything of you. They can be just winks from the Universe saying “We are with you, Dear One.” Pulling a card to ask if you are being guided to take an action is so helpful because if you are already doing it, you will see it reflected in the cards. If not, you'll be given a clear step forward. For this question, I love to use Tarot cards. My favorite Tarot deck is the Angel Tarot. If the card you pull doesn’t seem clear, you can always pull another to clarify and add depth to the message.

Optional -Card 4: Is there anything else you would like me to know at this time?

Depending on the messages that came through you may not need to ask for anymore guidance. Before pulling this card, consider if you already have enough to move forward. Less is more when it comes to spiritual guidance.

The meaning of signs is not usually as complex as our ego would like to make it. If you still have questions or feel in the dark, pull another card and see what additional meaning it can offer. This card can also be an opportunity to pull the other messages together.

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Thank you so much for being here. I'm Kerin Monaco and I mentor the Feminine so she can confidently step into service, heal her core wounds, and experience Heaven on Earth. I provide updates on Collective energy and assistance daily on my Facebook page.

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