Celebrating the Full Moon and Solstice

Our Sagittarius Moon sits directly across from our Gemini Sun on June 17th. We also have Summer Solstice taking place on June 21st, making this the ideal time to focus on what we hope to attract into our lives over the next six months.

The energy we find ourselves immersed in is the perfect time to call on Roman Moon Goddess, Diana of the Hunt.

Diana is a challenging goddess to explore in mythology as she is typically interchanged with the Greek Goddess, Artemis. It is said that there are no surviving myths of Diana since she was a very private woman and storytellers were not brave enough to pry and tell her legends. We can also view the possibility that perhaps she was so focused on her intentions that she let everything else fall away and existed for her purpose.

Call on Diana to help stay focused.

She is traditionally thought to have protected the woodland creatures with her famous bow and arrow. She is known as the goddess of the hunt, woodland creatures, fertility, children, abundance, and harvest. Since Diana rules the moment of birth and the Full Moon sits so close to the Summer Solstice, we can ask her to guide us in the birthing process of our aspirations.

Diana is the known twin of the Sun God Apollo. How beautiful given that our Sagittarius Moon sits directly across from the Sun in Gemini, the sign of the twins. Now is the time to bring our conscious and unconscious personality into harmony. When the sun and moon sit directly across from one another we have a unique opportunity to bring the traits of the sun, moon and the zodiac they sit in towards union.

This particular Full Moon offers the opportunity to truly address the balance of something so many women are challenged by: family and purpose.

The expressive Gemini Sun is sitting in the "purpose" zone and asking us to shine a little brighter in regards to our work, life's message, and the way others view us within this boundary. To work with the Sun's energy right now, sit and ask yourself:

*Is my career/lifestyle aligning with the purpose my soul incarnated to do? What do you feel is your soul's purpose? *How are you sharing your purpose with those in your wake? *Who/Where in my life would I like to incorporate the energy of my purpose? After sitting with the energy of the Sun, we dive into the wise Sagittarius moon which sits in our family and long- term relationship zone this week. Since Sagittarius is the sign that governs our primary belief systems, we are now being asked how the long term relationships and family in our life are emotionally fulfilling us. To work with the moon's energy, let yourself contemplate the following: *What relationships in my life are truly in harmony? Did this harmony happen naturally or with work? *What connections am I currently holding on to that do not support my deepest beliefs and values? *How can I make my home life more fulfilling? Once we sit and consider isolated aspects of the energy being offered to us, we can start to bring those pieces together to make a formidable plan that brings the flow of the stars into alignment with our biggest intentions, dreams, and aspirations.

What is that big, beautiful faith-filled life of yours comprised of? Dig deep and bring those pieces into harmony with a detailed vision.

Once again, call down Diana and her archer spirit.

Decide on your target. Ready your arrow for it. Let yourself connect with that dream life. When Diana gets ready to hit her mark, she has tunnel vision. Everything surrounding her aim, falls away and she becomes intimately connected to the desire. All that's left is to let that arrow go. Stay focused on your intentions and when you need some support call on Diana, Goddess of the Hunt.

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