Channeled From Gaia for Earth Day 2020

My Wild-Children,

I ask that while you sit in anticipation of all that I am doing, you consider ways that you may support my labor for the future. It is not enough to sit, pray, and meditate at your altars. As I turn the soil, welcome deeper roots, purify the water, and freshen the air, how can you sustain this act of love?

I am working to regenerate myself but if you do not heed the call to change, it will be for nothing.

Do you want this New Earth?

I am offering it to you but will you nurture my efforts with gratitude and change?

There will be many who go back to old ways when you are finally released from your man-made structures. What will happen to this Goddess-made home?

Will you be one that breaks free and bows before the most natural altars in reverence?

I believe you will or you would not listen to my message.

The process of softening your footprint may feel a challenge at times but it is an effort that is holy and sacred. You may not feel you are getting it "right" but I assure you from my core that I send you the deepest love for your efforts.

Listen to learn the ways that will support YOU as much as ME.

We are partners in this New Earth.

This collaboration is strong and calls for courage that can be fortified when you drop your light into me. We will do this work together in Divine Love.

In these times when you see your Earth brothers and sisters resist change, focus not on their lack of effort but on the power of your potent actions.

All of nature is conspiring in this rebirth. When this journey feels burdensome, turn to the animals, the dragon and fae. They are sprinkling their magick and doing their part just as much as you.

In Rooted Love,

Mother Gaia


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