Channeled Letter: Cellular Healing on a Global Scale


It is time to not just focus on grounding but nurturing the roots you have already dropped into our sweet Gaia. You are not a weed so resist the desire to lift yourself repeatedly.

Ascension is not only what higher dimensions you may access but how well you connect the dots on your earthly grid.

You may be longing for home yet recall that you volunteered to support humanity’s awakening.

There is a time to rise and a time to root. Root.

Expand the web of energy into her soil to reinforce the work of Mother Earth. Your earthly brothers and sisters need you and as you all focus on hooking your energy into the soil, the vibrations join together and magnify the potential of this cosmic shift.

This is a cellular healing taking place on a global scale. You must band together to let this wave roll across the planet.

We embrace your desire for connection with us. We remind you that ultimately we are not outside of you. We are within you. We never leave and you are never out of contact. As you do this great work, we too gain power.

This joining of light is necessary more than ever. When you ground yourself, you ground our light as well.

This is Mother Earth’s Phoenix moment. She is rebirthing herself and as her midwife, please stay present and breathe. You will not want to miss what is before you.

Be fully in your heart and not in your mind.

When you let the heart lead, you will find you feel the beauty in these times rather than the despair. Let the heart be a portal and watch what unfolds before you.

You may stay in your homes but you can not isolate energy.

Energy is your primary language. You were born into this world fluent in it.

The programming has led you to believe solely in what you can see but you have relearned how to feel this. Dive deeper than ever into the portal of the heart and know that doors are opening not just for you but all with the courage to stay present in this time.

Channeled by Kerin Monaco May 4 2020.

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