Channeled Letter for the New Moon in Cancer

Channeled by Kerin Monaco on 6/13/2020.

Divine Feminine,

Your Earth is in need of great compassion and unconditional love in these times. You have all set into motion years of intense healing, purging, and seeing. While you may feel it could not get any worse, just trust that we are guiding this holy movement and protecting you every step of the way. Pay attention for there are new cycles starting as a result of the way you have all come together.

The Light is holding and we are grateful for this divine collaboration with you and our sisters and brothers of Earth.

We lovingly encourage you to connect with your body in new ways this moon cycle. It is shifting and changing. Your ego will look for proof in your mirror but this is a shift that is taking place on a cellular level. The more you sit and honor the new rhythms of your being, the more you will feel the DNA activate and transform. This is available to all; though not many will trust something they can not see. Have courage and light the way with your knowing.

For the Divine Feminine this is a time of looking closely at the mother wound.

For many this will not only be shown to you through the connection with your human mother but also your connection to me; Sophia. For some, you will be shown that you are a reflection of this human mother. Recall always that you are also a reflection of the Mother God too. Witness the polarity in these reflections for there is much to learn and embody from it.

Allow me to shower you with the unconditional love from which you were created. As you heal the mother wound, you heal the little girl who is aching within. Once we nurture her, you will feel rebirthed.

We would like all the wounded little girls resting within the Divine Feminine to be seen and heard for it is their voices that will sing the New Earth lullaby of love and light down into the Core and up into the heavenly realms.

Know that all that weighs on you is being handled with great care. A great karmic cycle is ending and it has escalated to the point that you are able to see it’s collapsing. We echo do not be afraid. Be bold and trust that we will not be resurrecting something in its place that does not serve you and those who you will share the New Earth with.

In Divine Love and Holy Light,



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