Channeled Letter: Balancing The Masculine

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

This letter was channeled for the New Moon in Libra. It offers insight into healing the planet's Masculine energy. If you are looking to heal your Masculine consider the Odin Transmission.

The Masters Speak:

The scales of Justice have been out of balance for far too long and that fear that many are expressing is what you may call a knee jerk reaction to change.

Lightworkers, such as you, have been awakening to their creative powers, growing exponentially, and expanding their consciousness for years. You are accustomed to change being constant and nothing being certain.

That illusion of certainty and control is what many still cling to.

Please view them with compassion and consideration as the majority of your Earthly Brothers and Sisters have not experienced the intensity of the resurrection cycle before.

You are in the heart of the crucifixion process. Many are pointing fingers in order to transfer the heat off of themselves. Many are running from the darkness and burrowing away so that they can feel safe. This karmic cycle is here to change everyone and it is far from over.

Know that it is from this time of pain and suffering that Earth’s Ascension is possible.

The wounded Masculine has been leading for far too long.

The Healed Masculine uses its power to generate change for the good of all. The Wounded Masculine misuses its power for dominance that will serve itself. While many may blame those of a specific physical form, know this was enabled by the wounded polarity within everyone.

This is why we ask that those who identify as Divine Feminine, do the deep healing work of the inner masculine. It is quite impossible to authentically heal your feminine without pairing it with the true healing of your masculine. Many still resist this all the same and choose to only focus on one aspect of their divinity.

Masters, This is such a consistent message to those I support, how can we heal the inner Masculine?

The Masters Respond:

We are most grateful for this question. We shall answer.

The feminine when she awakens places a lot of focus on receiving guidance. She is on a consistent quest to learn and connect more but many times she avoids fulfilling the actions shared with her. She would much rather sit and receive wisdom then move with it in the Earthly realm. We also see that she will try out guidance and promptly declare it false rather than consistently putting it into practice.

Even the most Divine Guidance takes more than a moment to be fruitful.

This cycle keeps her feeling as though nothing is moving and she is trapped. She reverts back to giving her power over to others. If the Feminine would like to heal her Masculine, she must ask herself how she can implement the wisdom received to create more good for herself. We will have you know that the lack of action stems from the Feminine wounds surrounding worth and confidence. If she were to follow her wisdom consistently, she would start to have more trust in herself and recognize her value.

If she were to bring her divine gift to receive our messages into union with her power to take action, she would have great cause for celebration. She would see the fulfillment of her dreams come much sooner. She would BE that change that she speaks of seeing in the world.

We now conclude this message. It will take ample time to absorb it’s full meaning and what it can allow to take place if integrated. We invite you to return when ready to learn more on healing of the Masculine within.

We love you. We Guide You. We are You.

The Masters


If you are answering the call to heal and work more intensely with your Inner Masculine, the Odin Transmission is ideal for you. Within this self-paced program you meet Odin, Norse God of War and Romance.

This experience includes:

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  • Access to The Wild-Hearted Collective Facebook Group for 30 days.

Here is what one initiate had to say after completing the Odin Transmission:

Kerin’s Odin Transmission unlocked multiple layers of my being after one meditation. Her reverence when working with Odin is felt immediately and transcends your core and humanness. Kerin has created and released a beautiful, peaceful, and loving conversation to transpire. You will be so amazed at the union that occurs within yourself after listening to this wild-hearted masculine content to divinely balance your ever-loving Wild-Hearted feminine. -Kelsey of Flow With Your Flow

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