Channeled Letter: Healing to Serve Fully

The following was channeled by Kerin Monaco on April 27, 2020.

Divine Lightworker,

This time is one of miraculous healing. The Cosmic Mother is laying her hands on you and infusing the light into your wounds.

While you may feel you lost momentum with your mission, this was an opportunity to shine the love within rather than burn yourself out in service.

This challenge was to support you in your divine purpose.

Each time you unearth something to heal, it is a sign of your soul's alignment.

From this cycle you will be able to offer a more profound transformation to those you are here to guide. This is all coming full circle and you will be rewarded generously for doing the inner work.

As you transition through this period, remember how you felt and all that nourished you throughout the process. This will be what you share with those you call in. Sit and consider all that you used to come through. These are the tools you are here to share with others.

From your experience, you have healed the wounds lying deep within yourself as well as those who walked with them in times past. In rising now, you have made a new future possible for those to come. You serve more than those you come into contact with.

You have severed the power of this karma. You did not do it alone. We helped as well your earthly sisters and brothers, but you were a remarkable collaborator.

The way forward will not always be smooth. As you come up against resistance in the future, take a moment to love the process, nurture yourself and work back to your holy center. When you take this path in stride, your ascension will feel more fluid and the rebound will come with ease.

All our love and full support,

The Council


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