Channeled Letter: New Moon in Leo

Message Channeled Through Kerin Monaco on August 11, 2020.

This message was offered in love from The Ascended Masters to support the ascension of the Wild-Hearted Feminine during the New Moon in Leo on August 19,2020. Hold what resonates and find peace with the rest.

Dear Ones,

There is much magick ahead for those wanting to step into their sacred power. While some may go running into the wild with their roar, others may choose a subtle purr.

Whether you roar or purr, we are devoted to guiding and ushering in this fresh start with you.

We do this work together because we ARE you. We are never outside of you. We are eternally within. We are One.

Breathe into that belief and allow it to illuminate your divine core. When you bow in devotion to us, you are in reverence of self. When you pray to us for support, you activate that from within you.

There is no separation. There is only union.

Breathe it and believe it. We are not saving you. You are learning to save yourself.

A sovereign heart like yours is not co-dependent on anything outside of herself for she knows she is already whole.

While the Karmic Father is holding in his unique orbit, this is a time of gestation in the Cosmic Mother's Womb. Many have been resting here while others have been struggling to break free from it. May you all rest in delight at this time.

It is almost time for the skies to be righted and the fog to be lifted. There is no need to rush or force this part of your journey. Let the magick unfold.

What’s ahead is a recognition that all we do is meant to purify and resurrect you in full alignment with your God-self.

You may feel like you were brought to your knees at times in suffering but we have merely brought you to stand in your Holy Fullness.

In this sacred time of your rebirth, we are protecting you from lowly vibrations. We have offered you this time to heal these burns fully rather than letting them go exposed.

Many of you would have continued to run into flames that have scorched you before. This cosmic intervention was for your highest good and for the good of all Earthly brothers and sisters.

As we transit through this time, stay in your light. There will be a most divine culmination of events that will mark the brightest of days.

The more you embrace your I-AM presence, the more you will be able to experience these events and the birthing of the New Earth in awe.

The Masters.

This message was offered in love from The Ascended Masters to support the ascension of the Wild-Hearted Feminine during the New Moon in Leo.

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