Channeled Letter: The Masters on the Gemini New Moon

Dear Ones,

With the Masculine Sun and Feminine Moon joining together in the sign of the twins, emotions and energy are at an all time high. You might feel the vibration of this Divine Union, when you stand still, firmly rooted to Gaia and breathing your way into the Cosmos.

To our Divine Sisters, we ask that you hold your desires and intentions in the highest of vibration. Know that all things are possible so please do not shy away based on your view of what can be done. When we intervene all is possible. There is no need to chase after your dreams when we gladly usher them to you.

Sit in forgiveness of yourself and all those you feel have wronged you. It is all part of the most sacred plan to call you back into your fullness.

There is much ahead for you and at times you may feel like we are playing games with your heart. Trust it is never for fun that we watch you suffer. It is for your healing and you will find that as you hand over the pain to us, there is nothing but bliss on the other side.

With all the work you have done in learning about yourself and acknowledging the Oneness of all, we now invite you to share this with the world. Do not shrink back for fear of judgements cast by others. Step forward and offer yourself fully to your highest path.

While your timeline is one with dates, ours is one made of energy. Know you are good enough as you are and that there is no need to prove yourself in order to have all your heart is set on. It will come when the energy within is aligned. Your first step in aligning is honoring that you entered this world worthy and you will leave it this way.

We leave you with this; as you stay centered in your healing know that all is possible and all arrives in the right time.

In Divine Light and Love,

The Ascended Masters.


New Moon Pick- A- Card


Join me this Sunday for the Gemini New Moon Pick-A-Card Party!


Sunday's piles will include:

💜Goddess Energy

💜Dragon Energy

💜What you need to release

💜What to get excited about

💜Teacher Energy

💜Student Energy

💜Social Forecast (2 Cards)

💜Mission Forecast (2 Cards)


Venmo: Kerin-Monaco


🧐This event takes place 5/24 at 5pm est virtually via a private YouTube Link. Once you send in payment, I will add you to a group message for participants. Five minutes prior to the event, I drop the link for the event. You can join LIVE or catch the replay! Pick from 3 different piles in the beginning of the event. 📷

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