Channeled Letter: The Mothers on Separation

Channeled by Kerin Monaco on May 28, 2020

We invite you to move beyond limitation. We invite you to sit among us and look down at what is being created through much of the programming you experience on Earth. We are with you always and trying to protect you from these restraints you put on. It is why we make ourselves known to those ready to believe that there is much more available then what they have been offered from those who deem themselves authorities.

That any one believes another has control over them is the first sign of separation and one that is instilled into you from birth.

We, The Mothers, do not control you. We guide. We protect. We love. We listen. We lead. In any given moment you can choose to listen or you can choose to embark on an alternative path. We will not interfere with your right to choose for yourself. Should you choose different than where we have led, we love you fully anyway.

To heal this belief of separation you must be willing to fully express your Divine nature. You must shift from the belief that you are giving or receiving love to the energy of BEING LOVE. There should be no parameters when it comes to Divine Love.

Love is not something you do, have, or offer. It is something you are.

You will notice that based on experiences handed down from your parents and from their parents and so on, you block being love in a variety of ways.

Hear this truth, to block love means to block your very essence.

In the past, you were told that love came from someone who was an authority over you. You were not told that your very being was an expression of holy love.

We invite those who volunteered to bring forth the new generation of Light to be mindful of this as your children grow. Can you embody Divine Love in a way that guides, protects, loves, and listens but does not demand anything of them? Can you instill in them that they are love and so there is no need to seek it from anywhere but from within?

Your children are not like you. They will challenge the programs and beliefs. They will be part of what awakens you further to your divinity as you notice that they were born sovereign and it is from your conditioning that it is taken away. This is why many of those who have been born awake were born to those who are awakening.

You ascend together now.

Authority and separation will be dismantled in these connections and union will be felt in its purest form.

In divine light and unconditional love,

The Mothers.


Thank you so much for being here.

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