Channeled Letter: We do not work on contingency.

Channeled Through Kerin Monaco on 9/23/2020

The intention of this message was to get insight into receiving when you enjoy giving. Please allow for what resonates and find peace with the rest.

Dear Ones,

We would have you know that we do not work on contingency. We do not function on a token system.

Reward plans are based on conditional love and as you know we are entirely unconditional with the devotion we offer. This means that you were born worthy of anything you can desire and we gladly assist it into your experience.

This is why your children are such beautiful manifestors. They are still in their divine essence until you train them to earn your love and all other desires through work and behavior.

In their early stages, they must do nothing to get what fulfills their needs. It appears to them quite quickly and magically. As their physical being matures, requirements are placed on them which sever their connection to Source and self. You essentially disconnect them from their intrinsic worth, reject them, and demand they follow a certain path in order to receive.

For most of the Wild-Hearted, you do this unknowing. This is an ancestral program you are being made aware of so that you may cease the pattern at this time.

Now many of you are unable to receive because you are still under the belief that you must earn what you want through hard work and approval.

It is not that we encourage you to do nothing. It is that we invite you to do what you enjoy.

If making certain efforts feels good to you, then continuing to do them will bring about rewards both immediately and in the future.

When you like the actions you are taking, part of the reward is the action itself.

You will also find that your desires make their way to you at a more pleasant pace when you follow the steps that feel exciting.

Calling in great desires does not need to be as consuming as your ego would make it. Your soul will let you rest with the desire and know it is only a matter of time before it becomes.

If you are doing things solely to reap a reward from us, the effort is predominantly wasted. In these efforts, it is not that the reward never arrives. It is just more exhausting to your being.

We love you unconditionally and that means that we love you on the days where you show up in your light and the days you rest in your shadow. We do not withhold love, guidance, or abundance.

At this time, consider what you are doing because you think you must and what you are doing because you want too. Place greater efforts in what you enjoy doing and know that much falls in place as a result.

In Divine Light and Holy Love,

The Masters


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