Channeled Message: Choose Allies Over Enemies

The following message was channeled by Kerin Monaco for the Lightworker Collective on 11.6.2020. As this is a general message, please take what resonates and find peace with the rest.

Intention Stated: Do you have a message for Lightworkers at this time?

The Beings of Light respond:

There is much transpiring on the Earthly plane and should you be receiving this message, it is time to step into your fullest peace. Find the space within you that trusts us, the path, the plan, the outcome of all things, and your Self. There is nothing to worry about though your ego will share otherwise.

Listen to this aspect the way the Great Mother listens. She knows these fears are better expressed than held in. Release them, then allow the calm to wash over you. This is a soothing that will allow for the ego and soul to work in tandem rather than against each other.

From this calm center, you can refocus on that which you desire; global change.

The external storms will be tempered from this internal softening and you will see all so clearly. Can you access the part of you capable of eyeing into the future without worry or fear? Can you extend yourself further into this Eternal Now and this is where the power lays?

There is a great karmic turning and while we will support you every step of the way, we ask that you keep your eyes and heart set on the outcome you crave. We request that you articulate what you want to experience in its physical form. Focus on that and we will shower you with the inspiration, resources, and capacity to ensure that it becomes.

The Earthly struggle is that many keep their eyes on a perceived enemy instead of their allies. There seems to be a belief that the battle is won when fighting against another. That is one way of creating this shift but it is not the easiest of journeys to take. It certainly is not the accelerated way.

If you were to join forces with those who desire the same thing and begin to create shifts on a micro level you would begin to see change rather than just wait for it.

We ask of you, what benefits have come from war, aggression, hate, and opposition? These energies on both the micro and macro levels merely perpetuate the world in which you are asking to change.

Choose allies over enemies.

Your focus on that which opposes you gives them greater strength. If the Lightworkers on the earthly plane joined together with the single focus of what they desire, those you feel are in opposition would lose their stronghold on your physical world.


Clarifying Question: Can you offer actionable steps that Lightworkers can take at this time to support the birthing of New Earth?

We would be most pleased to support you in stepping off the wheel of Karma so that the work can begin anew. We suggest sitting in forgiveness. Many will step out of this portion of their timeline recognizing where they have disengaged from love. We wish for you all to be gentle as reflecting on these past moments is necessary in the shaping of the journey forward.

This is a time where you may feel inspired to sit with all the work you have done in your mission and see how it has served the Collective shift. Believe in the impact your work has made. It has not been slight. We see your effort as essential and would like for you to see it through our lens.

Reflection will be what supports you in moving forward with power and purpose. We suggest you sit with the intention of revising your plans. Great things have moved and so what once felt necessarily may be out of alignment.

This is what we offer at this time. We hold great love for you. Stay true to your knowing.

Closing Intention: Thank you to the Beings of Light and Unconditional Love for supporting Lightworkers in creating the shift we most desire to see. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Thank you so much for being here. I'm Kerin Monaco and I mentor Lightworkers, Mystics, and Starseeds who are supporting Earth's Ascension. I provide updates on Collective energy and assistance on expanding your capacity to serve using your spiritual gifts daily on my Facebook page.

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