Channeling the Magdalenes

In preparation for a month with the Magdalenes in my monthly membership, I have been doing a lot of reflection on my own journey working with the Magdalene Collective.

For those who are new, the Magdalenes refer to men and women who have incarnated throughout history to support humanity's return to Oneness.

My own connection to the Magdalene Collective was opened in January 2020. At the time I was still writing everything I channeled and each offering was coming through signed, The Watchtower.

These channeled letters held a depth I had not received in the past. The messages were heavy but delivered with pure love. In the very beginning, I tried to figure out who exactly the letters were from. Eventually, I recognized it was my ego driving that mission and I surrendered.

It would be revealed in the right time and it truly was.

About two months later I was reading Twin Flame Union by Claire Heartsong and she mentions that The Magdalenes also are known as Watchtowers.

Since then I have learned that when working with the Magdalene's you can trust them to affirm your messages in the most perfect way every single time.

Below you will find one of the first messages I received from them. I've always put a trigger warning on the following message. There are what I call "uncomfortable truths" throughout it. As always read and take what resonates for you and your soul.

In Diving Light and Holy Love,



Channeled February 11, 2020 by Kerin Monaco

When you arrive at the gates of your spiritual awakening, it is at the hands of loss. It is a time when you feel something has been taken from you...

A partner leaving for someone else...

A child going home to Source quite young...

Gazing at yourself in the mirror only to not know the person looking back...

There is no limitation to the loss that catalyzes the divine rising within you.

These are human experiences pre-planned on your journey. They are sign posts your soul put in place to guide you back to Oneness.

It's a moment so pivotal on your sacred voyage that the only way through is addressing the illusion of separation.

The part that creates your suffering is your ego; that part of you trained to think that if you can no longer see it; then it no longer is.

Breathe deep and open your heart to the vibration that it will forever be.

Close your eyes and sense the missing loved one's soul.

Look into the mirror once again and see the limitless potential of your being.

We make contracts that many in the Matrix will never come to full peace with. To see a child suffer from an illness, to experience what you call a broken heart, to think you've lost your purpose.... The ego rejects it the plan.

You have signed up for your battles. You have chosen your lessons.

No one is forced. Souls go willingly or they do not go.

At times a soul volunteers to be part of the great mission of others. They offer to be a part of the path though their physical experience may be wrought with hardship, pain, and tragedy.

They do not serve in vain. They do it so that more can return to the love from which they came.

From the Watchtower.


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