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Welcome to the Feminine Forecast, a weekly resource that I lovingly put together so that Lightworkers and Healers can align to collective energy and serve with More LOVE and Less Struggle. The Forecast is now available to WATCH on YouTube, Listen on Spotify and Read on the Blog.

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Using the Forecast

We live in a noisy world and it is so important to me that this Forecast not add to it. To make the most of this week’s Forecast, I recommend grabbing your journal to take notes on the things that resonate and connect with my deepening practices and reflection prompts.

I want this to be useful, relevant and supportive of your spiritual journey. I can guide you in the Forecast but you have to be willing to do the inner work and take aligned action. I’m pretty sure you are because you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

This week on the Forecast I’m talking about clearing the way to our desires as well as sharing four manifesting tips that will help you do that.

This week I pulled one card since a lot came through last week. I highly recommend revisiting November’s Monthly Forecast as well the Forecast for last week.

In case you missed it, I have a free deepening e-book that you can use to connect with November's energy and move into alignment with your soul.


The Week Ahead: Clearing the Way

This week, I am using Sandra Ann Taylor’s Akashic Tarot.

The card that came through was the 4 of Keys, Clearing the Way. In this card we see a downed tree on the path. A man and woman have gotten out of their carriage. The man holding an ax, looks like he is about to get to work on removing the tree so that they can proceed down the path towards their destination.

What Message Is For You?

As you revisit the previous forecasts I released, drop in and really connect to what specifically within them you are being guided to focus on. As you get clarity on that, you’ll be stepping into the practices, deepeners, and reflection prompts that are going to be most supportive of your journey.

You’ll start to see your unique path forward and the blocks, limitations and challenges preventing you from fully stepping into the vision you hold for yourself.

We know that we were told that November is about focusing on what we are moving towards rather than what we are leaving behind.

Reflection Prompts: Are you getting lost in the past, overwhelmed by the present, or anxious about the future?

Once you have a better understanding you are going to be able to clear your way forward consciously.

Use Collective Energy to Manifest Your Desires

To help you in moving forward, I’m going to share four tips on manifesting that I use in my personal practice. These are things that work for me and I encourage you to find what resonates for you. As I was preparing for this week’s Forecast I noticed that my tips are aligned to the cards we were working with in November's Monthly Forecast.

#1 Get Consistent

This suggestion aligns to the energy of the 8 of Wands we are working with this month. Master manifestors are not special. They are no different than you, me, or the girl next door.

You may see some people always manifesting amazing things and living a good life but how they do that is something everyone can do.

People who are master manifestors consistently show up to what works for them. They don’t only show up to set New Moon intentions or when they have time. They make the time and they trust the process of conscious and committed work.

When you find something that is showing you results, stick to it.

One of the practices I’m going to share, I showed up to for about 122 days straight. Day 111 to 122, everything I asked for manifested in the way I asked for it.

When I saw what was happening, I got up in my head and stopped. It is so common for us to self-sabotage like this. I was able to regroup quite quickly and hop back into the practice but it did knock me out of my manifesting mojo.

Staying consistent works. Most of what we want can’t manifest overnight so don’t get discouraged after a few days or weeks. When you find what works, keep going. If you slip, get back on the wagon.

#2 Scripting

Scripting is a pretty popular tool talked about in manifesting circles. It’s when you write your future into existence by thanking the Universe for it like it already happened. It really helps with November’s call to look at where you’re going.

Scripting goes a little like this:

“Dear Universe/God/Source. THANK YOU!!!! I am so grateful and happy now that…”

As you’re writing, get into the energy of it. There have been moments where I have felt like it’s already happened. What’s so beautiful is that I get signs from the Universe that the prayer has been received. I’ll hear words from my script in a song or get a whisper of what to do in order to call it in.

Commit to doing it for no less than 30 days and then at the end of that time period go through and highlight everything that manifested.

I made that a habit and I started to see my power to call in what I desired because so much of what I wrote was manifesting.

Scripting is the practice I mentioned I did for 122 days and a whole lot of goodness came into my life during that period. There were a handful of things I consistently wrote about that never manifested.

After I tossed a pity party for myself, I recognized that I was being shown my fears and resistance.

The things that hadn’t manifested were my heart’s deepest prayers. This awareness takes us to Tip #3

#3 Work on your Limiting Beliefs

There is a lot of talk in the manifesting community about focusing on what you want and staying positive.

Unless you dive in and explore your limiting beliefs you will never be able to stay focused and positive long enough to gain the traction necessary for manifesting your big desires.

Working on our limiting beliefs was the message of the Eight of Swords.

I bet if you think about something you really want, you’ll notice that you tend to go all in… until you begin to question. When you question, t’s usually because you have a fear of it not manifesting or don’t believe in your worthiness.

Whenever I do my limiting belief work, the energy around my desires lightens and then they manifest quite rapidly. In fact that is exactly what happened after those 122 days. I released some of the unconscious beliefs through conscious work and as quickly as the next day, started to see parts of my vision manifest.

This is powerful work and if you are ready to do it e

ither use the free November Deepener I mentioned above or if feels aligned work with me one on one in a Soul Support Session.

#4 Step Into Your Goddess Power

This past March, I made the biggest and quite frankly the best investment in my mindset ever. I joined Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas. (This isn’t an affiliate thing if you were wondering.)

I just couldn’t share this tip without mentioning her because her program was where I learned this and I like to give credit where credit is due.

So in Money Bootcamp, Denise suggests that when you need some fast money, shave your legs. I was skeptical but it works for me every single time. It works not just for money but for manifesting other things.

A few months ago, I really wanted to hit a money goal, so I shaved my legs and hit it through unexpected channels within the hour.

I thought why stop at shaving my legs. I set a few other goals and then went and got my eyebrows done and a bikini wax. I hit all of my goals that day.

Now I’ve asked and no one knows why this works, we just know it works.

I’ve come to realize that it’s actually less about shaving (but I bet saying that got your attention), and more about how we feel after shaving our legs.

This manifesting tip is really about bringing you into your Goddess self. I feel fabulous with smooth legs.

I also feel fabulous after an amazing session at the gym, wearing dresses, and having fresh flowers around. I’ve tested if they work just as well and they do.

If shaving your legs isn’t your thing, don’t worry.

Consider what makes you feel like a goddess. What brings you into the energy of the Empress which came up for the Divine Feminine in November’s monthly forecast?

Those are my four aligned manifesting strategies for the month of November. Let me know which one really struck a cord with you.

If you want more support on your spiritual journey and manifesting your desires, come on into Wild-Hearted Collective.

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