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Consciously Creating Joy: Finding Magical Moments Ever Single Day


Show Notes

Welcome to She Lives & Loves. A podcast for women who are ready to fall head over heels in love with themselves and life.

I’m Kerin Monaco, I’m a Conscious Life Creatrix, Self-Love Guide and Poet . I’m looking forward to this episode because in it, I’m sharing a key concept in what I call conscious life creation. Conscious Life Creation isn’t necessarily a new phrase but I wanted to make sure I share what my heart means when I talk about myself as a conscious life creatrix. To me conscious life creation is about getting clarity on what you desire, aligning to it through intuitive action so that you can step into a life that you are absolutely wild about.

We are all naturally creative and are designing, building, and destroying something every single second of every single day but this episode is all about consciously creating more JOY in your life. Recently I had this beautiful opportunity to fully practice and embody what I’m sharing today.

One morning earlier this week, I woke up to a downpour. I had gotten up at that weird time. You know the one where you would spend more time trying to get back to sleep than actually being asleep. So rather than struggle, I decided to make a piping hot cup of tea, light a new pumpkin candle, put on my glasses so I could actually see, and sit in front of a window to watch the rain. Our bunny Ebenezer sat beside me nibbling on his breakfast pellets while I soaked in the water dropping down from the heavens in buckets. A deep breath helped me tap into the joy, contentment, and peace in that moment. It offered a reminder of that magic found in the little mindful moments not only the big, life events that we tend to place such heavy emphasis on.

I continued to intentionally deepen my breath which created such a lightness in my heart, and I found myself in a moment that wasn’t necessarily memorable but felt utterly magical. My soul whispered “let’s bake” and my hands tingled with excitement. I kicked around what would I bake. I felt my lips curl upward. My daughter was wrapped up in the comforter on my bed, peacefully asleep with dreams that I hoped were about kittens. I thought of the sparkle in her eyes when I placed a baked to perfection cranberry orange muffin front of her with a mug of hot cocoa at breakfast. Don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t normal. She usually gets eggos for breakfast. But not that day. I was going to surprise her with something special.

And that all led me to this episode’s topic of JOY and the Magic of the Moment and the opportunities we have to create these moments instead of waiting for these moments. It’s not as hard as we think to enter joy. We just have to be willing to stop thinking and instead feel.

LIFE can sometimes be about the big events. Both the good and the bad. When I was younger, I remember it being about graduations, engagements, weddings and babies. As I’ve gotten older , I’m finding that the conversations have changed but always seem to be about getting to “the next thing or level”. I feel like I lost years of life being so focused on my goals, accomplishing, and keeping up.

And at some point, I don’t remember when, I felt myself lose all desire for it all. I realized that in rushing to the next thing, attempting to heal my wounds, and prove my value, I was never really present for any aspect of life. It was a chapter where misery was kinda my vibe because I never felt good enough, I was always trapped in lack, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t see the way out and so the cycle continued.

We can consciously create more moments of joy. Joy to me has become more about feeling balanced than bubbly elation, over the top happiness.

We are all overly familiar with what joy is suppose to LOOK like BUT joy has nothing to do with “looks”. The definition of joy is “a FEELING of great pleasure and happiness.”

When was the last time you felt joy? Peace? Contentment? Ease? What does it FEEL like for you?

Give yourself the blessing of time to reflect on things in your life that make you feel joy.

I have some inspiration to get you started. I recently asked my friends and family what brings them joy. But before I share the list, I wanted to remind you that on November 1st I’m hosting a Seasonal Sister Circle to mark the transition into winter. This circle will be taking place on Samhain when the veil is it’s thinnest. As we come together, we will connect with our higher guidance and heart’s wisdom to bring through messages on self-love for the upcoming season. I will be leading you through a meditation, a channeled letter practice, and concluding with some space holding. If you’re curious about the circle, you can get all the details at here.

And now take a deep breath and listen as I share with you what brings women just like you joy. Ride the wave of inspiration and find your joyful experiences.

I started the list out with my own which were…

A kiss with a man that gives me butterflies, seeing that I’ve saved more than I spent on a receipt, anything purple, wagging tails, bouncing bodies, and tongues hanging out of a dogs mouth at the animal shelter. when they realize I’m there to take them for a walk.

My community added:

  • Dancing

  • Beautifully made chocolate truffles. When you first open up a new lipstick and it looks all shiny and perfect. When there are new blooms on my hibiscus plant. Driving when I get to choose MY music and play it full blast. A glass of Pinot Noir that I can savor.

  • Coffee outside hearing only nature sounds. The after school run and hug. Lifting heavy weights. The dark, stillness and quiet of night. Sitting all the way in my chair, eating something healthy all the way through without getting up, without multitasking. Just eating.

  • Seeing my kids happy or proud of themselves and in the opposite direction also being completely left alone with no one speaking to me.

  • Snuggles, sweatpants, sunrises… and morning coffee in my fav mug

  • That first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning super strong and hot with just the amount of cream, conquering something I didn’t think I could do and being super successful, a really good hug from someone who is happy to see me, and a delicious plate of pasta!

  • Hearing from my college son, A hug from any of my children, The “just right” cup of coffee on my front porch, Hearing an awesome song.

  • My 2 year old granddaughter. She gives me so much joy!

  • Taking an excited group of students on a field trip after a long couple of years of not being able to due to restrictions.

  • my kitty, my grandkids, time in nature, my husband (mostly), good friends

  • Coffee, kittens, sassy shoes, making a beautiful dinner and eating it outside, hanging out with my husband and friends at a winery on a rare lazy Saturday.

  • Putting on my PJs after I’m done adulting for the day, especially if that happens in the afternoon

  • Walking in the woods brings me heart expanding joy!

  • The smell of the ocean, toes in the sand, autumn leaves, puppy snuggles, baby giggles, hot bath in a big tub, taking my bra off after a long day lol

  • Laughing with my kids and watching them grow into their personalities, Anything blue, Hearing that song that brings me back to my teen years and remembering every word, Fuzzy socks, Sitting in my living room with a blanket with the fireplace on, Taking off my bra - the MOST joy!, Dancing

  • What brings me joy - being in service to women to Come Home. Being on the edge of a cliff with the sea below listening to crashing waves and watching the power and aliveness of the ocean, primal goddess energy, Edgwalker igniting in power against the land and the spray from the coming together of these forces. Walking in the bush. Green all around me, trees touching my heart, leaves blowing in the wind, feeling held by Mother and trees and Green as I walk in my powerful Primal Goddess and Amazonian Priestess body alive and FREE. Thank you for your invitation to share. That brings me so much joy. And YES SISTERHOOD brings me joy too. Love

  • My pups. Any one of them…warm nose, soft velvet muzzles, heavy sighs when they snuggle in my lap. Likewise, I’d say kitties…purring and kneading on my arm.

  • Coffee writing my book, wearing sweatpants and relaxing either writing or just being.

  • Jumping, Flipping, and Diving! Doing watching, and especially coaching it and helping athletes get better at it all!, Picking up litter, especially getting friends to join, and seeing other people doing the same! Dancing and watching people dancing “where/when” they shouldn’t be! Like at a stop light, bus stop, grocery store, walking - not in a club or at a party/event!

  • Kittens, Hanging out with people I love, Diet Coke first thing in the morning, Disney World. Finding something cool at a thrift store, Dark chocolate peanut m&ms

  • Walking in nature and an extra bonus is seeing wildlife.

  • The sound of Native American Flute music as I drift off to sleep at night

  • Laughing with the kids, Playing in the waves, Puppy breath, Yoga, Connecting with a dear friend, music, painting, long walks

Breathe in that joy. I definitely felt myself lifted as comments came in and women shared their list. I’m also just feeling that

Here’s a suggestion for you. Start a list and put it on the fridge. Add to it regularly. As things drop in or happen and you get that joy bubble up, note it down. Every once in awhile go to the list and intentionally gift yourself one. This is conscious life creation. It’s that simple when it comes to joy.

Explore what brings you joy. Invite them in through intuitive, heartfelt action, and revel in… JOY.

You’ll start to appreciate what brings you joy more. You’ll become present and a participant in the experience rather than a bystander. You’ll also find this awareness starts to elevate the joyful experiences in your life. When we look for joy, we are bound to see more of it. And when we know what brings us joy, we can start to create more of it.

Let’s keep this conversation going. If you are listening on spotify, you can share what brings you joy. You’ll see a Q & A just beneath the episode description. I can not wait to take a look at what inspiration you have for me. No spotify? No problem. DM me on Instagram at @CreatrixKerin.

Final announcement, there will be no new episode next week but if you need a She Lives & Loves fix revisit some of the previous episodes or join me for the Seasonal Circle on November 1st. You can find more information down below. I hope that today’s episode was supportive of your path. Once again, I’m Kerin Monaco and I’ll see you next time.

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