Crossing the Holiday Threshold

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Below Nuts, Bolts & Resources from this week's Feminine Forecast.

  • Between the Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th and the Solar Eclipse on December 4th, Lightworkers & Healers are being shown their path.

  • What rises to the surface will be what you are called to focus on during the upcoming Venus Retrograde which begins December 19th.

  • Deck Used (affiliate link): Whispers of Love by Angel Hartfield and Josephine Wall

Cards for the Week

Love Who You Are

  • Show up unapologetically.

  • People can only love the whole you if you show them the whole you.

  • Stay patient with yourself and others.

  • As we move towards the 2021 finish line, look at how far you have come rather than on how far you feel you have to do.

Embrace Your Emotions

  • Holidays can bring up a range of feelings.

  • Honor what arises for you; whether joy or sorry.

  • Sit and explore what support you might need.

  • Is Wild-Hearted Collective aligned with the support you need? Consider my Seasonal Special noted below.

Slow Down

  • As the world speeds up, you can choose your own pace.

  • Contemplate what matters to you this holiday season.

  • Deepening Inquiry: How do you want to spend the next few weeks?

Offering a Black Friday Sale did not feel aligned so I am offering a Seasonal Special instead.

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The Wild-Hearted Collective is a sacred space for the Feminine Lightworker who is committed to showing up to serve her spiritual mission in 2022.

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