Crystals for Self-Love

Most modern mystics and lightworkers have a pretty large stash of crystals within their homes, pockets, and bras.

Rather than focus on the textbook properties of my crystals, I trust my intuition to lead me to the ones I most need at any given time.

Here are a few of the ones I have been drawn to on my self-love journey.

Smoky Quartz

My smoky quartz generator was at the center of my self-love grid for a really long time. I love smoky quartz because it supports the clearing of negative energy and it helped me find clarity particularly surrounding what was not in alignment with loving myself.

If you are struggling to stay in your heart space and let go of things that aren’t serving your highest good, grab a piece of smoky quartz and put it in your pocket. At first the shift may be subtle but when you commit to working with this crystal over time, you will sense a difference. Part of loving yourself means no longer allowing things into your experience that don't reflect love to you. Smoky Quartz will help you move forward with ease.

Smoky Quartz Generator with my Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

This crystal is just stunning and it’s potential to support your self-love journey is epic. What I have found most helpful about Snowflake Obsidian is that when I work with it, I am reminded that even in our darkest times, the light gets through. It highlights that our Shadow aspects are just as valid as our light. It ALL matters. Without the dark background and white sprinkled in, this would not be the beautiful stone that it is. We are the same. Our Shadow makes us beautiful as well as the light.

This crystal is known for clearing negativity but I have found that when I work with it, I am able to focus more on what I am learning from my experience rather than on the negativity itself.

Flower Agate

Of all my crystals, this one has a story to tell because it disappeared in October 2020 after a particularly emotional and challenging weekend where I don’t think I ever put it down. Fast forward to March 2021, my daughter came into my bedroom holding it saying she found it under the couch. (I totally looked there!!!)

This crystal works on a deep level. It reveals what we are carrying around with us in the unconscious mind. When I work with it, I discover different layers of wounds that I was previously unaware of. It guides you to do significant healing work in the heart space while also keeping you grounded!


One look at the emerald green color of Malachite and it’s obvious this crystal is perfect for the heart-healing that comes with the self-love journey. My Malachite is a sizable chunk perfect for working with in meditation. I love to recline back and let it rest on my heart space. I typically come out feeling lighter and ready to create in alignment with my soul’s highest calling.

This crystal just emanates love and healing. No matter what I am looking to attract into my life, Malachite guides the heart open in order to receive it. Opening your heart to receive what you desire is a huge part of Self-Love.

Amethyst and Malachite are a loving pair.


I’m not sure what I can say that you might not already know about Amethyst. This crystal is known for its calm healing potential. My Amethyst cupcake was one of the first crystals I ever purchased and I really only picked it up because it’s my birthstone at first.

It’s purple color does inspire our ability to tune into our higher awareness. I find that when I work with Amethyst I am able to connect to my Higher Self with greater ease. It allows for me to see everything from a higher perspective and disconnect from the narratives my ego might be engaged in. In regards to my self-love, working with Amethyst typically helps me in choosing behaviors and thoughts that serve me and aren’t driven by my ego. It helps me respond rather than react to my triggers.

So those are my 5 crystals that have been immensely supportive of my self-love journey!

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