December 2021: She is The Star

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Below Nuts, Bolts & Resources from this week's Feminine Forecast.

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December 4th- Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius

Set intentions surrounding your bigger picture. Look at what you want to achieve over the course of the year.

December 19th- Venus Retrograde begins

Anticipate to experience this within your connections. Everything coming to the surface is for your healing and will support you in maintaining healthier relationships.

Deck Used (affiliate links): Druid Craft Tarot and Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

*These are the cards used in December Zodiac Forecast available in Members Circle.

Cards for the Month

The Star #17

As Within, So Without

Starting to see the outer world reflect the inner.

Confidence in the future and ability to walk the path.

As above. So Below.

The Stars will guide the healing.

Venus Retrograde having impact on connections.

Vulnerability with The Star

Taking off our armor to be fully seen

Deepener- Card Practice

Card 1: What has shifted in my inner realm?

Card 2: How might I see that reflected back to me?

If you want to learn more about The Star, visit my favorite Tarot website, BiddyTarot.


Strength #8

High Heart Activations especially potent.

These activations are supporting your ascension.

Deepen the connection with self

Courage to face the unknown

Working with our inner beasts.

Integration of our darker aspects.

Deepener: How can you regularly clear your heart chakra?

Heart Healing with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene available in Members Circle.


Love- The Deer #22

Attune to your gentle nature.

Slowing down to be more present in life

* Echo of Message in Crossing the Holiday Threshold.

Balance and Fairness in connections

No longer allowing self to be sold short.

Deepener: Schedule time to disconnect and be present with a loved one and/or your self.


Light- Earth Fairy (#27)

Entering Winter energetically within mission

It might be time to step out of doing and even the spotlight.

Strengthen your foundations.

In November, you were asked to focus.

Build on that. Keep it simple.

Deepener: What’s your next step?

Plan it using the Monthly Deepening Pages.

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Healing- The Stag #17

Stepping forward as confident leaders in community

Taking pride in our work.

Allowing others to experience our light

Deepener: Get testimonials and sit with them. Read them and believe them.


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