December 5-11: Expect Miracles

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Show Transcript:

The Feminine Forecast is a weekly reading designed to help Lightworkers and Healers align to collective energy so they can show up and serve with More LOVE and Less Struggle.

I’m your host, Kerin Monaco. I’m a Mystic and Intuitive Guide here to support the Divine Feminine in stepping fully into her spiritual mission and confidently express her soul's magick.

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This week’s Forecast is a bit on the short side and if you’re catching the video, it is going to look different. I spent most of this past week with no voice and recognized that I would be misaligned to my service mantra “More LOVE, Less struggle” if I attempted to do all the things.

I value that I can share my whole process with you without shame or judgment. I also know that some members in my community need to be reminded that it is OK to honor your body, process, energy and path.

After you listen to this week’s forecast, go ahead visit December’s Monthly Forecast if you missed it. In it I introduced you to the messages from The Star and Strength. This is truly a month where the Feminine is shining and walking her highest path.

As a result of that, we enter this first full week of the month with an abundant and exciting message. This message was present in a lot of my Soul Support Sessions this week and Channeled Videos too. I never mind delivering the tougher messages but I cherish when I get to share that someone is about to be blessed.

GREAT NEWS! Feminine Healers & Lightworkers

everywhere are getting blessed this week!

Cards for the Week Ahead from Sacred Forest Oracle

I used the Sacred Forest Oracle for this reading and the cards that bounced out were Bee Spirit: Prosperity and Rainbow Waterfall: Miracles.

This coming week, we start to experience the abundance, blessings, and gifts that we have been consciously working on opening up to. Many in my community have a history of giving and recent messages have guided them to explore their blocks to receiving.

If you have been following along with the weekly forecast, exploring the themes, and doing the deepening practices, you are going to find that there is such a natural flow with these messages.

This past week, I started to experience these miracles. I tapped into how it made me feel. Usually it was great but I also found moments of discomfort. I was hitting an upper limit and so I did some work softening my energy and opening up to even more blessings.

It didn’t require anything other than relaxing and responding to myself with love.

Stay present as you receive what you asked for this week and notice how it makes you feel and when it starts to make you uncomfortable. That’s going to be a beautiful opportunity to listen for the way to break through that limit.

To fully open up and allow miracles and prosperity into your life this week, I’m going to suggest that you revisit two messages I recently shared with you. They are going to help you clear any final blockages to receive.


The Law of Reciprocity

The first is to check out a post I recently shared about the Law of Reciprocity. This is an important Universal Law that works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, we don’t talk about it as much but Law of Reciprocity is often the key to receiving what we most want. It’s premise is that we get what we give. You can take a look at it on my Instagram.


Clear the Way

The second is to revisit my manifesting tips over in Clear the Way, a recent forecast. Listen to it on the go with the podcast version. I start sharing my tips at 5:23 so if you want to hop right into it, use that timestamp to get started here.


Seasonal Offer

Last but not least, just a final reminder that my Seasonal Offer for Wild-Hearted Collective does end on December 10th.

If you are considering getting support in my sacred space of Feminine Healers and Lightworkers, now is a good time because I’m gifting you a free Soul Support Session with me when you sign up for the annual membership.

Since the annual payment of $555 can be a lot this time of year, I am also offering a payment plan option. This plan is three payments of $185.*

*Bonus will be available to you once all payments have been received.

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