December Forecast

This is a general message and as always I encourage you to take only what resonates.

In December, the larger Lightworker Collective is gaining in strength as well as numbers. The events of 2020 have inspired many to do the work that they incarnated to do. This has been a time of great remembering for many. While we have all been hauled up indoors for the greater part of the year, torchbearers and wayshowers have been able to connect with one another through virtual circles.

There is a knowing that the events that will eventually birth New Earth are just getting started and we find that the soul is reminding us of the importance of grounding.

We have and will continue to see aspects of nature be brought back to health the more we sit with her. In true mirroring, aspects of our own health will take a positive turn. Finding practices that keep you connected to life are suggested at this time.

Ascension is not about escaping. It is about embodying love on the planet and sharing it with those we walk with.

The message for the past few months has been to schedule in breaks, vacations, self-care days and to pace ourselves.

This current shift is lengthy. There is no reason to burn yourself out as we are in this for the long haul. The next calendar year is a continuation of this one. If you are serving and do not have a plan to nourish your own body, mind, and spirit now is the time to create one and start practicing it. I am being guided to remind everyone that we must practice what we teach/preach.

Much is happening energetically and we are being supported tremendously by the subtle realms. If you feel like things are not progressing, know that it only appears that way to the ego mind.

Soul families are being brought together to offer the transformations they are here to collaborate on.

We are all ONE but we also have little pods of people with similar missions that we join with in order to create bigger change. Our challenge is to recognize this oneness despite the appearance of separation. Separation is the biggest illusion and block to Christ Consciousness.

Many are already living their New Earth experience due to the recognition that life is what you make it. Everything is only a reflection of the inner world. Many Lightworkers have relocated, removed themselves from toxic communities, and unplugged completely from mass consciousness because they realized they could. It really was that simple!

The rest will be following as the longing for home intensifies. There will be a split that takes place in 2022 where a bigger part of the Collective disengages from the systems of separations and joins those already in New Earth.


Thank you so much for being here. I'm Kerin Monaco and I mentor Lightworkers, Mystics, and Starseeds who are supporting Earth's Ascension. I provide updates on Collective energy and assistance on expanding your capacity to serve using your spiritual gifts daily on my Facebook page.

If you need guidance, schedule a Soul Support Session. In this 60 minute offering, I channel the Beings of Light to assist you in aligning with your desires and highest good. My areas of specialty include mission, spiritual gifts, and purpose. Book your session here.

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