Feminine Forecast: New Moon in Libra

Divine Feminine Energy New Moon in Libra

The Feminine Forecast is a weekly resource that helps Lightworkers & Healers align with collective energy so they can serve with MORE LOVE and less struggle.

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Since we are now in a new month this is a good time to revisit the October Monthly Forecast to remind yourself of the energy presenting itself to the greater collective. Remember we are working with the tarot cards; The Devil and The Lovers.

Looking at the week ahead, with the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday, October 6, the Divine Feminine is going to be setting intentions in areas of life where she wants to call in a deeper sense of peace and harmony. Consider where in life feels unbalanced and then consciously explore ways to shift them using the power of this new moon.

Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac and you may feel guided to compromise on something that you were previously standing your ground on. If this arises, just trust that finding a middle ground serves all in moving forward.

With Mercury now in Retrograde, communication within relationships may feel strained so use this week to slow down and listen to your loved ones through your heart space.

This will be particularly helpful for Lightworkers who are serving clients both in circles and private sessions. Opening with deep breathing and grounding work will serve the exchange immensely.

If you are feeling triggered by an interaction with someone drop in and ask “what would love do?” The response may be to bow out of the conversation even if just temporarily or perhaps to put it on hold until Mercury is direct and out of it’s shadow period near the end of the month.

In general the Feminine energy for this week is being asked to discern the information and messages she receives so that she can stay attuned to her path and the direction she is moving in.

As a woman who has a highly developed intuition, you are not here to follow the masses blindly. This week may find you coming to a fork in the road where you must decide if you are meant to take the road less traveled or the one that is tried and tested.

The way will be different for everyone. Some individuals are going to be following a path that has been taken before. Others are called to make their own.

Remember there is no right or wrong. There is only alignment.

For those who running heart-led businesses, BEAUTY is coming in as something to consider this week. You are being guided to give an aspect of your business a make-over of some type. You might be called to update your website or graphics. You could be called to declutter and decorate your workspace. It might even be that you get a haircut or some new clothes. The ultimate call is to make the outer representation of you, reflect the magnificence of your inner beauty.

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