Effective Healing and Guided Meditation

One of the most effective healing opportunities we have is quite basic. It is nothing “special” but it is powerful!


While you are going through a spiritual awakening and the unearthing of the wild authenticity you have long trapped within, you feel like you must constantly be “doing”.

I know I have definitely experienced the drive to push forward since the eclipse season over the summer… and that push to move was particularly strong this month. I have been manifesting a ton of amazing opportunities, income, friendships, and gifts. I have gotten so many magical downloads from Source. I have not felt this good in over a year. I have been relishing it.

I was afraid hitting pause for any length of time would create a loss of momentum.

Early last week, I knew I was getting the signals to tap the brakes, catch a breath, and recharge. I knew it was not in my best interest to keep moving the way I had throughout the month. Burn out was on the horizon and having been on that path in the past, I was not looking to keep moving towards it.

After a particularly powerful channeling session on Friday, I opened my eyes to see that the oracle card Take a Break was flipped over on my desk.

I decided to listen to a guided meditation for healing to launch into my “break”. During that meditation, I drifted to sleep and ended up taking the most delicious nap. I almost never doze during meditation.

My take away from this unexpected slumber was a recognition that sleep is the most nourishing and healing option we can offer ourselves.

So to help you enjoy some deep sleep, this week on the YouTube channel I have a guided meditation just for you.

Listen here.

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