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Episode 1: Breaking Down Your Box of Labels

Show Transcript

Welcome to She Lives & Loves. A podcast for women who are ready to fall head over heels in love with themselves and life.

I’m Kerin Monaco, I’m a Conscious Life Creatrix and Poet. I’m going to help you get intimate with yourself and create a life that you absolutely adore and deserve.

This is the first official episode of She Lives & Loves so I want to take a moment just to thank you for being here at the start and joining me in this container. I did release a pre-launch episode and self-discovery practice which you can get by joining my free community here.

This episode I’m being transparent about what sparked this podcast creation as well as a reflection practice to help you become aware of what boxes you may be trying to fit in that are blocking you from living a life that you truly love and cherish.

The Podcast Backstory

One of the things I find myself regularly doing professionally and personally is helping women through the process of rebirth. If that’s a new term for you, a rebirth is basically an ending of your old way of life and stepping into a new way. My friends and clients come to me at all stages from the very ending of things, the beginnings, and even that uncomfortable moment between the two.

I have always liked to be transparent in whatever I create. In so many ways this podcast was birthed by sitting in my own discomfort during the in between. What I mean by that is I outgrew my old way of serving and living a few years ago but I only just realized that a few months back. I thought in order to outgrow my business, I needed to hit a certain income level. I thought in order to outgrow aspects of my life, there would be certain validators.

I was wrong. I didn’t need any of that. I just needed to keep following my heart and meet life as it came.

If you have followed my work in the past you know I have gone through several shifts and moves. I’ve held space for women who are stepping into spiritual mission. I’ve supported women in healing the relationship they have with themselves. I’ve had women show up with a variety of challenges and intuitively guided them through. I’m an astrologer, a tarot reader, a medium, a writer, a channel… I’ve worn a lot of hats over the past four years.

At a certain point, I just wanted to drop all of that and simply ask… WHAT DO I WANT.

Here’s the powerful thing… I don’t 100% know. I know I love holding space for women and especially ones who are spiritual.

I know I love to talk about self-love, relationships, spirituality, and life. I know I want to be real, raw, and helpful.

And while what I know doesn’t end there, that’s where we are beginning. I do know if you are still listening, this is resonating.

My biggest block was constantly trying to put my message, my mission, my business, myself and really whole life into a neat, beautiful little box. And while the whole world is preaching messages of define, get clear, niche down, that often felt like I was being energetically and spiritually suffocated.

The more I tried to define anything, the more it went a$$ up. The more I tried to follow the rules, the more I felt like I wasn’t enough and I am SO beyond enough.

After a few months of taking a break, being uncomfortable, and claiming the power of “I DON’T KNOW,” the idea for this podcast rose up and felt real.

The idea was open, fluid, natural and less about defining and more about expanding. I was no longer going to even attempt to put myself or my work in a tiny little box. I was no longer going to shame myself for “not knowing” and instead I was going to stand in my power the “unknown”.

Moving into the Practice

I want you to know that if you don’t know, that's ok.

You don’t need to have all the answers.

I believe that if we don’t know where we are going yet, it’s because we aren’t meant to. I believe that if you feel uncomfortable, the best thing you can do is to settle in; rather than fight your way out. It’s not about being stuck in the box but surrendering into the possibility of the unknown.

I think more often than not, owning what we DON’T know is what allows for the answers to make their way to us. When we stop searching for the answers and instead receive them, we are gifted with clarity and confidence beyond what we can source for ourselves.

You aren’t here to be contained, defined, restricted, and limited. You are here to live and love LIFE and yourself unapologetically. You’re here to do and have what you want on your terms.

Sometimes in order to live unchained and uncaged we need to get honest about what those restraints are. Where are we still fighting against our true nature and desires? What are we pushing against?

We need to be willing to look at the ways we’ve been boxing ourselves in. For me it meant admitting that I didn’t thrive doing some of the work I had been doing for years. It meant stepping away from what I built.

It was only then that I was able to really listen to my heart and what I wanted… which was liberation from the belief that I had to define myself and have more answers. Success seemingly evaded me because I still felt the answer was to know more… when really it was to accept I knew less.

The Practice. At this point, I lead you through a guided meditation to let your own box of labels crumble. You can access the practice at timestamp 11:29.

I will see you next week when I share 3 dates I took myself on that helped me chill out, get clarity, and enjoy what life has to offer.



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