Favorite Books from 2020

In 2019 I put out a list of books that every awakened woman should read. If you missed it, check it out here. As I looked over it, I could see how much I have evolved since then. What a journey I've been on!

The list that follows has some older books that I just discovered and a few that are relatively new. Regardless there is something for everyone here.

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The Twelve Faces of the Goddess

If you are an astrology lover and goddess worshipper, Danielle Blackwood’s book is going to make you want to call out of work sick to finish it. It’s THAT good. Blackwood works through the zodiac, paying special attention to how each sign expresses itself in the Divine Feminine. These pages hold rituals, pathwork, goddess archetypes, and in depth narratives on each of the 12 signs.

I resonate most with my Pisces rising sign. Check out what she shares:

“Many Pisces women also incorporate the spiritual into their art, and some are inspired by the mythology of the Goddess in their work.”

Sound like anyone you know? Drop this in your cart here.

Twin Flame Union: The Ascension of St. Germain and Portia

I hesitated to put this favorite on the list because I really am trying to create some distance from the twin flame matrix that has been fueled by well-meaning individuals in the spiritual community.

This book, however; sets twins moving in the right direction. This channeled work by Claire Heartsong and Catherine Ann Clemett truly supported me in moving out of separation and started my journey into union. Within this relatively short read, I was able to understand the concepts that are mistaught in the community and found peace with where I am at on my journey. Included with the book is a CD that provides a meditation for Twin Flames. It’s beautiful and powerful. For those ready to step off the wheel and find that inner union, start with this.

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus: A Message of Wisdom and Love

I’m not sure what exactly got me to finally hit “BUY NOW” on this title but I am deeply grateful I did. It’s been in my awareness for some time but something told me I was ready in April of 2020. I tried to pace myself through this book. It was so wonderful I did not want its magic to end.

This book introduces you to Anna, the grandmother of Yeshua and shares how the planet was prepared for his incarnation and ascension. This book reminded me of so much from my soul’s history. There were moments where it felt like I was in my Akashic record and as though to affirm it for me, the Universe conspired through an overwhelming amount of synchronicity. If you get halfway through this gem and are loving it, grab Anna, Voice of the Magdalenes. It’s the follow up you will want to lose yourself in immediately after finishing the first.

Gaia Codex

This book isn’t a personal development book. It is fiction… or is it? Its hard to say. I will tell you I picked it up for pleasure. I wanted something that was just a good story. This really is an incredible novel but with 2020 having played out the way it did, we could easily be heading into the magical and adventurous world of the main character, Lila Sophia. Author Sarah Drew is clearly a Lightworker doing her part by raising awareness through Gaia Codex. If you need time away from working on yourself and want to devour something that is still a spiritual work of art, this is it.

The Female Archangels

You likely know all about Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel… but do you know about Holy Amethyst, Lady Christine, and the Shekinah. This relatively new Hay House release by Claire Stone is a beautiful resource to have on hand if you want to deepen your knowledge of the Divine Feminine and how it expresses in the angelic realms. This may be something you read from cover to cover but it can also function as something you pick up as guided. This book includes Stone’s own experience with each Archangel but also invocations, self inquiry questions, signs each angel uses… and really so much more. I highly recommend adding this title to your resource library and the last I checked it was only $1.99.

Lost Lands

Do you sometimes remember life in a world that no longer exists? Of course you do! You’re a Lightworker. Lost Lands takes you back to your days in Atlantis, Lemuria, and my favorite Avalon. I found this to be a challenging book to explore cover to cover in a short amount of time. To make it through, I had to stretch it out because the remembering was so intense and it needed to be given breathing room.

One of the best parts in this book is the quiz, author Lucy Cavendish, includes. By answering a few questions, you learn which of the three worlds explored is most dominant in your blueprint. To best honest, I didn’t get Avalon which at first almost made me discount this title. The Lemurian codes were strongest but after reading through, I knew it was spot on accurate. This was a fun and insightful way to explore my soul and I think you’ll really have fun with it too.

Bringers of the Dawn

Full disclosure, I listened to this on audiobook… and then I listened again… and then again. I disclose that because usually audiobooks feel like cheating to me. Not this time. This is a channeled message from the Pleiadian Collective and listening allowed me to receive it as a transmission. This book answered so many questions I didn’t even know I had and pulled things together what I did know. By listening I expanded my awareness of the shifts occurring within my DNA and deepened my understanding of New Earth. I do recommend listening to this one over reading it. I’m not sure you’ll ever hear me say that again!

The Desire Map

I saved this title for last because it’s the one that helped make 2020 my best year ever. This book was on my shelf for years but it wasn’t until December 2019 that finally I picked it up and devoured it. This is like a soul-retreat in pages. I highly recommend this title for any woman who is ready for clarity and to create goals that just feel really good. I fell in love with the process of connecting to how I want to feel and answering the prompts so much that I ordered it to do again this year. My suggestion would be to carve out a full day or a chunk of time over a few days to immerse yourself in it. Danielle LaPorte asks questions that help you unearth your values, passions, and vision for life.

I also grabbed the Desire Map planner which I pulled inspiration for my course Path Planning with Purpose.

Grab the book, workbook, and/or planner today!


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