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Welcome to the Feminine Forecast, a resource designed to help Lightworkers and Healers align to collective energy so they can show up and serve with More LOVE and Less Struggle.

I’m your host, Kerin Monaco. I’m a Mystic and Intuitive Guide here to support the Divine Feminine in stepping fully into her spiritual mission and confidently express her soul's magick.

Grab a cup of tea, your journal and maybe even your favorite cards and settle in because in this Forecast I’m covering February’s Energy and offer ample opportunities for you to USE the energy to align to your spiritual mission and build a badass heart-centered business.


Mercury went retrograde on January 14th and will continue to dance backwards until February 4th. With just a few more days left of this retrograde, there is still time to embrace this energy and use it to explore some important areas of your mission and business.

Right now Mercury has landed in Capricorn. As I shared in the previous forecast, you’ll be accessing wisdom that you have acquired through walking your path of healing, transformation, and service. You’ll be shown ways you can take that wisdom and use it to serve humanity. A little soulful reflection is to sit with “What have you learned on your path that you’re passionate about sharing with others?”

This may end up being as simple as a social media post but you might surprise yourself and find that there is a bigger offer there. Personally I’ll be sharing the offer that came through for me in the next Forecast. Make sure you subscribe and follow along so you don’t miss it.

Despite Mercury going direct on the 4th, be prepared for the residual energy that comes from it’s Shadow period. Continue to give yourself some space for technology, legal agreements, long distance travel, and be mindful of your communication. I’ve been really pulling back from social media and technology so that I can hear what’s happening within and be guided by the voice of my soul.

We are also still feeling the Shadow of Venus Rx which ended on January 28th. Use that shadow period to dig into your current relationship with your spiritual mission and clients. I went in depth into how to do this work in the Answering the Call of Venus Worthshop. You can still watch the replay which is available in Wild-Hearted Collective.

Other dates to get on the calendar are the New Moon in Aquarius which is taking place on February 1st. How do you like that we are launching into the month with a New Moon? When the New Moon is in Aquarius, I like to set intentions that are not just personal but Collective in nature.

As Lightworkers & Healers, we aren’t just on Earth to create a great life for ourselves but also to be a part of bettering the planet. What change would you like to see take place on a global scale?

Personally I want to see more Healers & Lightworkers enter soul aligned collaborations. I think when we work together, we can make a bigger impact. Plus… I always have fun when I am working with one of my soul sisters in some way. It’s a win-win! What inspired this intention was reflecting on all the conversations I’ve had with my soul sister Jessica Alejandro and one I recently recorded with my business bestie, Sarah Welch Byrne.

February 1st is also the Celtic holiday of Imbolc. This is the day to plant seeds and intentions. Talk about a supercharged moment for our big desires to be sent out and supported by the Universe. On this day we work with Brigit, The Triple Goddess of Fire and Healing Waters. You can use my Eternal Flame Meditation in my mini-course Activating Your Feminine.

Finally the Full Moon in Leo is taking place on February 16th. I just wanted to give you that date but I’m going to chat more about that in the next Forecast. All I’ll say is get ready to stoke your creative fire!

And that Leo energy is such a beautiful segway because in February, we are working with the Tarot card that actually is governed by Leo, STRENGTH.

General Reading

In many depictions of Strength, we see a woman standing next to a Lion. For this month’s reading, I was drawn to my Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot, which shows a goddess, standing in a field of flowers, crowned by an infinity sign and her hand resting on her heart.

That pretty much says it all about what is being asked of us in February. This coming month is about staying in your heart and allowing it to lead you forward. If you tend to overthink and get ungrounded, you’re going to want to find ways to release those tendencies this month.

When we zoom out and look at the bigger picture of 2022, we know this is the Year of The Lovers which intimates UNION is in the cards. As you follow along with the Forecasts, each month will lay out the path to embodying this over the year.

In January, we worked with The Chariot. This energy was one of getting focused and starting to take aligned actions towards the vision we hold. The Chariot is one that ignites our Masculine energy.

In February, we integrate that energy with our Feminine using Strength. This is a time to FEEL, rather than think. Spirit is inviting us to work with what is present and watch as what’s available expands as a result.

You might notice that as you utilize the resources that are already available, what was once “missing’ all of a sudden manifests. This is the power of being in the heart and using the present moment.

This card is also about our Inner Strength rather than external efforts or the material world. In traditional Tarot, the lion symbolizes the unconscious mind. She isn’t taming a wild animal, she is working with her wilder aspects. These aspects often hold a lot of creative power and when we tap into them, we start creating some of our most authentic work. Read more about Strength here.

How do we access these parts of us?

You’ll notice in February that you get a lot of messages to surrender and let go. That’s because many of the Feminine are attempting to control their life right now and grasping at answers. With this being a Feminine energy, let go of the need to know and instead let the answers come to you. I know surrender is a bit of a complicated message. When I’m struggling to let go, I try to pull my energy away from what I’m gripping and place it on something healthy and aligned instead. This creates some ease in the process rather than forcing yourself to just “move on”.

Sometimes how this manifests in our spiritual business is, if you’ve been working on something specific and it just isn’t taking off… but you KNOW it’s what you most want, rather than throw in the towel, shift your focus to something else.

Here’s the thing… when we surrender, we open up to the abundance of what is trying to come towards us. A message of surrender often indicates that our energy is closed off. We can’t receive what’s meant for us when we are clinging to what is not. Let go and make some room for all the good that is already starting to come in for the Feminine.

The final theme of February is tapping into your natural strengths and gifts. For those of you in the Collective, this is your call to go back to that Accept Yourself Worthshop because that will help you anchor into your magic and start to more fully express what is natural.

In February, you’re going to be getting a lot of invitations to use your natural gifts in other words to work with your strengths. Will you say yes? Or will you continue to spin your wheels doing work that you aren’t here to do.

Before we head into the month, it would be a good idea to actually consider what those gifts are. Many of them sit in the unconscious because they are so natural they practically run on autopilot. Often the Feminine focuses more on developing her weaknesses in an effort to feel worthy all the while feeding the unconscious belief that she, as she is, is not enough.

That she has to work harder, know more, and be everything to everyone. Perhaps February will be the month that you lay it all down and stand in the STRENGTH of your innate enoughness.

Here’s the importance of standing in those natural strengths… you get to make less effort. It means what you do, goes further. It means extra energy or at the very least no more burn out. It means elevating your vibration and letting the Universe truly meet you and deliver to you.

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