Feminine Forecast: Unconscious Manifestations

The Feminine Forecast is a weekly resource that helps Lightworkers & Healers align with collective energy so they can serve with MORE LOVE and less struggle.

Take what resonates and let go of what doesn't. I would love to help you work more intimately with these energies in my sacred space of light-minded soul sisters; Wild-Hearted Collective.


We are entering the halfway point of the month this week and what has been so inspiring to witness is how the Feminine has handled the Shadow energy spoken about in the October Feminine Forecast.

We heard the call and prepared ourselves to respond to our darker aspects rather than be triggered and react to them. This was a true sign of our healing as individuals and as a Collective.

We are lighting the way to a higher future for the planet.

While it may be challenging at times to wade in these deeper, darker waters of our unconscious mind, it is preparing us to face The Tower which we will meet in November and later receive the rewards of The Star in December.

Goodbye Worry. Hello Joy

Now as we travel into this upcoming week (October 10-16th), the Divine Feminine is being called to release worry and instead connect to her happiness which is to be found in the present moment.

Oracle Cards Divine Feminine Energy for Lightworkers
Oracle Deck: Mystical Wisdom

Will you be brave and disconnect from fear so you can feel joy NOW?

Unconscious Manifestations Illuminate Blocks

You may be feeling like as soon as you gain momentum and you are aligning to a higher path something transpires to derail your rhythm.

Many times these external events or interactions are a form of self-sabotage and a manifestation of the unconscious mind. Rather than overthink it, use your spiritual practices to clear blocks and tap into the limiting belief coming up to be healed.

You’ll find support with this in the Conscious Softening Meditation located in the Wild-Hearted Collective.

Remember this week as challenges present themselves that you are resilient and everything you face is an opportunity to transform and return to love.

The Wounded Feminine does have the tendency to turn grains of sand into mountains. What the ego will have you believe to be a huge issue, struggle or challenge is merely a blip.

Resist falling into the energy of disempowerment. Try to stay grounded instead.

Use the journey Transmuting with the Dragons to navigate the bumps with greater ease and support.

Self-Reflection Feminine Lightworkers: It’s time to upgrade your standards.

As always the inquiry for the week will bring up something different for all of us. It could be time for you to increase your prices. You might be called to stop accepting projects that don’t light you up so that you have time and energy for those that do. If you have been receiving breadcrumbs, perhaps you will finally call in a feast.

A few months back, I shared a sheet of journal prompts for clarity on this exact theme. It's yours for free. Get it right now!

Thank you so much for checking out this week's energy. Share in the comments how this resonates!



PS: Need some support? Get personalized guidance with a reading.

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