Full Moon in Aquarius

The July Full Moon is not just your basic full moon. There are so many things happening in the sky right now that it can be overwhelming to know what to work on and what information to pay attention too. 

This past Sunday, I sat in circle with 11 other women at Chi Yoga in Tampa, FL. It was the first of my Full Moon Sessions and it was a powerful 90 minutes of yoga, meditation, intuitive journal exercises, and GIRL POWER!

Most of the women are just starting their exploration of the moon's power so I kept our gathering relatively basic. We explored the meaning of the Full Moon and what it means that it is shining bright in Aquarius this month. 

If you are among the women who are just beginning to harness the true power of Lady Luna know this:  the Full Moon ripens us for a time of forgiveness and gratitude. It is during this time we let go of things we are hung up on (toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, negative patterns of behavior etc.). We consciously make the choice to release them from our being, therefore creating the room for a divine state of gratitude.

So what happens when the Full Moon is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius?!?!?!?


Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarians, the out of the box thinkers, inspiration, and total individuality. People with their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in Aquarius tend to be goddesses that question authority and think BIG. They are in short EPIC.

(That being said we are all made of all 12 signs, and its just a matter of knowing where each sign sits in your chart. To get that incredible insight into your natal chart, you can schedule your reading here.)

I like to create rituals that honor the moon, the sign, and being guided a little (ok... MOSTLY) by my intuition. 

Try this Full Moon in Aquarius ritual to get started with your moon worship:

1. Carve out time either on the night of the Full Moon or even a day or two after.

     As you prepare, start to determine what way to "document" your celebration. (Journal, musical instrument, art/craft supplies, yoga mat, the stars are the limit ;))

2. Sit in a peaceful space that will allow you to safely journey inward. 

    I love to set my space up with things I find beautiful (candles, artwork, firm but stunning pillows to sit on, an altar of gratitude)

3. After 5-10 minutes of quieting mind, body, and soul through meditation, start to access your personal intention for entering a state of moon worship.

4. With your intention in mind, grab your documenting materials and let your hands just do the work. 

    Answer these question:

  • What ideas do I have that I need to let go of?

  •          Are there ideas you've seen through that you want to express gratitude for?

  •          What ideas, goals, and desires would you like to give more space to in your life?

5. When the process feels complete, offer another 5 minutes to additional goals that pop up. 

6. Start to activate the conscious mind and make decisions on what and how you will release what is limiting you. 

7. Harness the power of that Aquarian Full Moon, to call up the ideas you really crave manifesting in your life. 

8. Make a plan for these desires. 

9. Let the idea sit in third eye during concluding time of meditation. 

10. Namaste Soul Seeker.

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