Full Moon in Pisces

This past Saturday I stepped outside and gazed up at the moon. She was in her half expression at that time and one of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen. I had never seen her this magnified... Thanks to super powerful binoculars.

Something about seeing her this "close" made me reflect on the beginning of my moon journey.

My journey into moon rituals started well over a year ago. I had just begun my divorce proceedings and I needed something that could routinely take me out of my body and deep into my unconscious.

Spirit seekers, like you and me, frequently live in our heads. We contemplate philosophy, talk to the divine, and listen to the deepest yearnings of our hearts.

Yet, every once in awhile the process is reversed. In my experience that happens when we go through a trauma or major upset.

My divorce left me in a state of "going through the motions." The only real thoughts and feelings were anxiety over my future, sadness over the loss of my parenting partner, and shame at starting my life over from scratch.

In order to shield myself from doing the dark, deep work, I moved my body through a daily routine, but it wasn't healing anything.

My rituals were what brought me in touch with my self doubt, destructive patterns, and emotional rock bottom. It was the Full Moon that really inspired me to dig into what rituals could do in my transformation.

This Sunday, our moon will shine her brightest in the water sign, Pisces. There is absolutely no better sign to begin a personal ritual than Pisces.

Pisces is the transcendental energy which when we honor brings us eye to eye with the divine. It's here that rather than just dipping our toes in the unconscious waters, we dive in and completely submerge ourselves in "the work."

There are so many ways to do "the work." For me, it all began with a Tarot deck and an Epsom salt bath. Every month the ritual would be fine tuned but I was constantly addressing what I genuinely wanted in my life and then if there was anything I could let go of that would make it possible. (I can not say enough about how a good Tarot deck will answer these questions for you.)

Keep it simple for this Full Moon in Pisces. Ask yourself these two questions:

1) What am I ready to have in my life?

2) How do I make the space for it?

Explore those questions utilizing anything that calls to you. Get creative, write, meditate, walk, bathe in the ocean, talk to your cat... do whatever is calling to you and then make a date with yourself to do it during every Full Moon.

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