Full Moon in Taurus

When we breathe into the phrase "As Above, So Below" we connect to the idea of our life being a reflection of the stars.

In many spiritual realms, we identify this reflection of ourselves in others and within the divine. It is what allows us to access growth.

Tonight as the Full Moon enters Taurus, understand the energy of this phase and sign are directly reflective of some element of your current journey.

Taurus is deeply grounded and steady but with that can come a heaviness. When we remember Taurus is the bull we can use that to contemplate if we are finding ourselves grazing lazily in the pasture or are we moving steadily ahead in life.

Governed by Venus, this is an ideal time to release past relationships. It's important for us to honor our part in why this relationship needs to be cut. It's also critical that we invoke gratitude for these partnerships we've outgrown. Trust me, I know how hard that is. Each time a relationship fails, whether it be a romance or friendship, even business partnership, there is a gift just past the damage. When we choose to accept our part of the problem, then we are given the power to not make those mistakes again. When doing this work, accept that there is a chance these interactions may come back to us in the next couple of weeks. Venus is still in retrograde. Should a partnership come back, remind yourself that the Universe is merely asking how ready you are to release it.

The work we do with relationships ends up being an ideal starting point to address our values which is also a trait of Taurus. Meditating on what exactly it is that you treasure will come up and be reflected in those you choose to spend your time with. Contemplating our values, allows us to live a more mindful existence. It gives us a framework helpful in making decisions on whatever it is we are manifesting or striving for. If your value freedom over money, then you are less likely to give up your job as a freelance writer to go work for a huge newspaper. Perhaps you want a relationships that is going to last. We are unlikely to experience that unless we have a handle on our values and can share that and see that in our match.

When we look back at all that this moon encompasses, we can hear the reflection whispered throughout. As above, so below.

So it is. And so it shall be.

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