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Ep 3: Full Moon Meditation- Meeting the Goddess of Love

A full transcript is not available for this episode in order to protect the integrity of the meditation.

Welcome to She Lives & Loves. A podcast for women who are ready to fall head over heels in love with themselves and life.

I’m Kerin Monaco, I’m a Conscious Life Creatrix and Poet and in this episode, I am guiding you in a Full Moon Meditation. In this meditation, you will take a walk in the moonlight to meet the goddess of love. You are welcome to practice this at any time but it will be especially potent during a Full Moon or a day before or after it. If you’re curious when the next Full Moon is, go ahead and check the show notes where I’ve listed the next 6 dates.

Upcoming Full Moon Dates
Enjoy the meditation every Full Moon

All of my meditations are designed to help you connect with your inner wisdom and receive intuitive guidance on your self-love path. I do recommend having a journal close by or starting a note on your phone so you can reflect and remember the downloads that you receive. And if you want to journey deeper with me, stay tuned until the end of the podcast because I’m sharing the newest way to work with me.

But now… let’s take a walk under the full moon. (Timestamp: 1:11)

The prompts offered in the meditation are as follows:

What is it time for you to let go of?

When we let go, something is offered. What is being offered to you now?

There is a gift waiting for you to receive it. What is that gift?

(End Meditation)


If you would like to journey deeper into this work, join me for a Moon Mat Reading. This oracle reading is a form of divination that supports you on your self-love journey. You and I

go over where you are currently on your path, what blocks and obstacles you are facing and what strengths you can call upon to move forward using the 13 faces of the Goddess. If you don’t know the 13 faces, don’t worry. I tell you everything you need to know in your reading.

My client Lucie, had this to say about her moon mat reading:

“I had a moon mat reading with Kerin and it feels like I just spent tea time with a wise and loving ally or ancestor of mine. Her guidance was so rich, precise, and generous. I genuinely recommend treating yourself to her aligned guidance and soul nourishing reading. Her devoted service is such a gift.”

If you are hearing the call, you can schedule your moon mat reading with me, using the link in the show notes. I look forward to seeing you in your session AND I look forward to seeing you next week when episode 4 of the podcast is released.

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