Gaia: A Lightworker's Spirit Guide

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Gaia, whose name means "earth" was the first to emerge out of chaos. She is so powerful she is able to create offspring without a mate. She started by creating all that we see around us daily; the grass, mountains, rivers and oceans. When she craved more she bore Uranus, otherwise known as the heavens. Feeling desire for the first time, Gaia and Uranus mated nightly and created the Titans. She is responsible for Chronos, or time, who she later enabled to castrate Uranus. The famous worship site on Delphi is said to be a space dedicated to Gaia. As one of the most popular goddesses, she lacks a physical body. Witnessed in the peaks of mountains, fluidity of rivers, texture of sand, and softness of grass, she is everywhere all at once.

Gaia is the perfect energy to call on this week as we venture into Taurus season and celebrate Earth Day. If you, like so many lightworkers are feeling the urge to come out of the spiritual closet, this week is a beautiful time to start. Taurus is the earthy bull sign that reveals our values, desires for security, and financial nature. Governed by Venus, this zodiac is also about natural beauty.

The Taurus energy will help you to lay a solid foundation. You will be able to step comfortably out into the world, owning your empathic power, modern mystic title, and divine light. The difference in doing this now as oppose to last week when we were in Aries, is that as an Earth sign, you are likely to create something sustainable. You will unlikely rush forward in impulse as you would in Aries season. Now we become less focused on the race to the finish line and more in tune to the rhythm you generate from steady steps into the world. We are having this reinforced by the harmonious relationship our Taurus Sun has with Uranus. Uranus is the truth-teller. He is the celestial body that encourages out of the box thinking and our right to be quirky.

If you have been burning your spiritual passions softly in the background, Uranus gives you the nudge to move forward in truth and Taurus encourages you to root into faith.

Every single level of awakening will create shifts in your gifts. Certain powers will become more potent and harder to hide. They gain momentum every time you decide to stop suppressing them. In my transformation, I have found that first claiming these gifts in nature, sitting in commune with Gaia, and offering a prayer is my go-to way to start the work.

This is such a beautiful way to let the Universe know just how willing you are to collaborate with it. In a world full of those who are looking to make a buck off of spirituality, I find that by first sitting with nature helps to find our purest intention and then to plant it as we would any seed.

I have found that the best way to pray and work with any of the guides is simply to speak your heart. If you get stuck, here is my personal prayer to Gaia.

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Lady Gaia,

I now declare myself as healer/mystic/lightworker.

Let my intentions take root in your fertile ground.

Illuminate my path with your glorious sun.

Show me how to magnify its power to the tips of your mountains.

Let my magick flow from me like a river current.

Please support me as I use my gifts to benefit this world.

I am yours in deep prayer.

What role will you claim this week? I invite you to share it over in Sisterhood of Stars, my tribe of women who are celebrating each other's spiritual evolution. This group is a sacred space full of fierce females who will venture into the shadows with you and celebrate your light. I look forward to witnessing you journey in there.

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