Gemini New Moon and Intention Cards

This coming Thursday (June 10th), we have the New Moon in Gemini.

The New Moon is a time of powerful potential, fresh perspectives, and new beginnings. When we pair that with the energy of the sign it's in we can set aligned intentions.

During the Gemini New Moon, we take a look at how we express ourselves and explore ways that allow for us to communicate more authentically.

If you have the gift of gab, put it out into the Universe that you are ready to use it to serve your spiritual mission. If you are someone who sometimes struggles to share how you feel, consider ways to express those feelings nonverbally, like through dance or perhaps an art class.

Developing skills is right in line with Gemini’s love of learning.

This is the time to take that class you’ve been considering, watch a few YouTube videos to develop a new skill, or maybe just grab a few books to devour.

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Feeling like you know enough for now?

Tune in to your Inner Teacher and consider if there is something you are ready to share with the world. Set the intention to put it in motion this lunar cycle.

Finally, Gemini is such a chatty sign and we do need the reminder to quiet the mind sometimes.

This may be the New Moon you finally commit to a meditation practice or carve out time to do a brain-dump once a week. Whatever it is that helps you go within and hear the voice of your soul, now is the time to do it!

That’s the nuts and bolts of this New Moon. I wonder if you are like me... I use to set intentions all the time and then promptly forget them completely or just not consistently commit.

It was because of this I started making New Moon Intention Cards.

All set for Thursdays New Moon

This is a ritual that I find easy, calming, and fun. I do it each New Moon to keep my intentions at the forefront.

All you need is paper and whatever craft supplies you have on hand. I keep it simple. I use watercolor paper that I trim to the size of Oracle cards, paints, and markers. That's it!

I enjoy taking my time with the creation process. I do not consider myself an artist even though my Soul Sister, Collective member, and artist friend, Ashley King challenges me on that every time.

On the front of the card, I always note the New Moon and date and put a line or affirmation. On the back I write my intentions and dreams. Then I place it on my altar so I can be reminded during my prayers each day.

When the next New Moon comes around, I love rereading to see what has come to be and what I’m still in the process of manifesting.

If you make a New Moon intention card, I would love to see it. If you show off your work on Instagram, tag me @KerinMonaco.


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