Gratitude Tip Jar: A practice honoring life's blessings

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Gratitude is a core message in most spiritual circles and why shouldn’t it be? It’s an instant way to raise your vibration, shift your mindset, and call in what you desire. If you want more amazing things to happen in your life, you can start by being thankful for everything that is currently present. (I know… I’m preaching to the choir here!)

That being said, I’ll be the first to admit that there are times in life when it’s been hard as hell to find anything to be grateful. I often talk about my cups of hot tea and Sebastian, my furbaby. That’s because in my darkest nights a sip of black tea with just a spot of milk got me through. In times when it felt like the world was void of light, Sebastian was always there looking back at me with love. (He is such a healer.)

If you reach towards what might seem the most basic thing to be thankful for, you will feel better. At first, you might feel a little half-hearted about it but over time even that small moment of appreciation can shift you into a better heart-space. The energy builds and eventually life feels better even if not too much has changed externally. Remember all transformations begin within.

A lot of gratitude practices that I’ve encountered can feel superficial. I’ve done the ritual journaling. I’ve forced myself to sit and list things out every day. I always left those practices feeling like it was something to just check off my list. It rarely felt like I was cultivating the true gratitude I craved.

Recently, I started a practice that has been so amazing I wanted to share it with you. Over the past few weeks of doing it, I’ve noticed that gratitude has become part of my baseline and as someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, that’s HUGE.

Whether you are feeling the love or dancing in the darkness, this is something that can bring you into gratitude naturally and with ease.

I was inspired to start this at the Pisces New Moon. It dropped into my awareness and while I’m certain I’m not the first person to come up with it, I’m calling it My Gratitude Tip Jar.

(Full disclosure I didn’t call it anything until I had to for this post… but it does remind me of the tip jar at my favorite local cafe, The Grind.)

What you’ll need:

Container (I reused a candle jar that was laying around. You can get creative or purchase something special. Anything goes.)

Slips of Paper (For someone who doesn’t scrapbook, I seem to have stock in scrapbooking paper. Again anything goes but I think if you make it pretty, you’re more likely to leave it out.)

Favorite Pen (This is the one thing I recommend getting special. I like these for obvious reasons… they are purple and write smoothly).

The Process

This is so basic you might side eye that I devoted a post to it but this practice is that good.

Send me a picture of your jar all set up!

Place your jar, slips of paper, and pen somewhere in your home that you frequently pass. I keep mine on my dresser; bookended with candles and watched over by an angel. Use the crystals, cards, and trinkets that you have on hand to make this a little devotional space for your life’s blessings.

When you pass your gratitude tip jar or think of something you are grateful for, drop it onto a slip of paper, fold it and place your gratitude tip in. That’s it!

I started the practice with the intention of noting one thing a day but I found that the jar frequently caught my eye and inspired me to reflect on something that I wanted to remember.

When you want to you can read through your gratitude but in the few months I’ve been doing this I haven’t felt inspired too. I do however get a big rush of gratitude when I look at my jar and see it filling up with things big and small that my life is blessed with.

Something tells me that you already have everything you need to get started with this today. If you do, I would LOVE to see a picture! Send them over to and then watch because I’ll be sharing them occasionally on my Facebook page!

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